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Apostles Update Week 32

Dear Friends

We had top a notch women's conference in South Africa from the 8th to 11th of August 2019 which was dubbed ‘Arise Capable and Skilled woman.’ Our attendance ranged from 500 on Friday to 2500 on Sunday. We had speakers who spoke powerfully on relevant topics like Marriage, Personal Development, Women and Law, Women and Health, Entrepreneurship, Prayer, Parenting in this Generation, Emotional Healing and many more.

To put icing on that cake, our father and mother Professor Ezekiel H Guti and Apostle Dr Eunor Guti graced the conference, our father is the one who opened our conference by speaking to us on Friday, then our mother spoke to us on Saturday and Sunday and our father closed the conference by blessing us again with a word of prayer.
We want to thank the God of our father who provided finances for our conference through kingdom partners. We had 281 women who partnered with the God through the need of the conference and it was a success. There was great joy and unity throughout the conference. Special thanks to our father and our mother for sacrificing in their busy schedule to be with us and for this vision of national women's conferences and to our National hostess, Bishop Prisca Soko for organising such an amazing conference for us.

There was a thick presence of God when our mother was preaching and here are some of the testimonies that we received there after:

A woman who had a lump in her stomach said the lump disappeared at the conference. She is healed, no pain anymore.
A woman who had not received her salary for 5 months, partnered with the conference and she received her salary soon after the conference before month end.
Another bronze partner who had applied for her 3 children's permanent residence permit in South Africa and had waited for a very long time she received the 3 permits on Wednesday just after the conference.
Another pastor who was diagnosed with sugar diabetes a long time ago and the sugar levels were always high, went to the hospital and her sugar level were normal after a very long time of struggling. Glory be to the God of our father.
Many more healing, deliverance and miracles took place.

We thank the God of our father for yet another great week. We had successful Monday Prayer and Wednesday bible studies. On Sunday we had a good attendance of 25 regardless of a national festival that was taking place. One person gave his life to Christ. Glory to God. There is so much joy and excitement in the church as many members continue to testify the goodness of the God of Ezekiel Guti. One member come to the pastors for guidance as he felt his work commitments are making him lose the great teachings of the Kingdom of God. The teachings of the Kingdom of God are transforming people both spiritually and physically as one lady testified that her parents commented that from the time she started worshiping in FIFMI she has changed and is emotionally happy.

On Tuesday we had 10 ladies for prayer. Pastor Helen taught. We are growing numerically and spiritually women developing in prayer. This week one of the women was able to lead the prayer session and another was given 10 minutes to share. She shared on a mother’s faith. We have 2 new ladies that have started coming to church. Our attendances for the weekly meetings were as follows:
Thursday 17 Adults, 13 Children (Total 30)
Friday 12 Adults + 15 Children (Total 27)
Saturday 15 Adults+ 22 Children (Total 37)
Sunday 28 adults 2 visitors 16 children total (44) there was such a sweet spirit in the church and the Word was taught by pastor Helen. There was also a dance from the youths.

A brother thanked God for the coming of Forward in Faith and the love the pastors have shown him since he came to Forward in Faith this is the same man who was delivered from a spirit that tormented him and caused him not to sleep well during the night and through prayer he was set free.
A lady was almost knocked by a truck but got power to jump over a fence. People who saw how she survived were shocked and asked her if she goes to church they were acknowledging that only God’s power can do that.
Early Sunday morning a lady was feeling a continuous headache but she said when she started reading the ‘4 Chapters of The Day’ posted by Pastor on the group the headache just disappeared and managed to come to church

It was an undeniably great Sunday service at Nashville TN FIFMI. Our first guest speakers Pastors David and Miriam Soda were in the house. Pastor Miriam delivered a power packed informative testimonial bible study on giving. Pastor David sealed the service with a relational inspiring message on Faith. God's love and care was identified in the testimonies shared. One Pastor shared about how God enlightened her on how best to fix her curtain project. Another believer testified how God saved her daughter's house from fire. Monday night and Tuesday Ladies prayer and Friday fellowship were powerful. In attendance were thirty-five people, of which 23 were adults and 12 were children. Three were visitors. We continue to pray for commitment of members and new souls.

The good news continues in our assembly here in St. Kitts. This week we saw our baby birthed in the form of our first ever Youth Ministry in St. Kitts. We had a total of 18 youths coming out to join us and being a part of the good news. This of course was headed by our Sister Minerva who recently made Forward in Faith her home for herself and family. The theme for our launching of the youth Ministry was "You are a chosen Generation." It was a joyous time for us along with the youths. God is doing a good work here in St. Kitts. On Sunday we had a total of 22 people, 6 children and 16 adults. Elder Coreen brought the Word. Keep praying for us as we do the same for you in Jesus name!

After a truly Big Sunday with our brothers and sisters in St. Kitts, Nevis got back to home base this weekend with a powerful worship led by Elder Althea where we had a total of 16 persons (13 adults and 3 Children) including 2 visitors. Bible Study was timely focusing on a topic "Anger – Roadblock to Accomplishment" and powerfully delivered by one of our Elders. The take away was "Cool down before you say anything you might regret." Recent experiences helped the Elder share in a powerful way what seemed to have touched everyone in the audience. During testimonies several parents thanked God for intervening and helping their children to be successful in passing the end of High School exams and where results were much better than expected. One Elder's daughter passed 8 out of the 9 subjects she sat and he was very pleased considering both parents were away from home during this time, assisting with setting up of churches in Guyana. God is truly amazing! Deacon Lucien's delivered the Word.
We continue to pray increase in membership, return of permanent pastors, continuation and upliftment of our newest churches in Guyana and Trinidad.

Belize City church: Our Sunday service was powerful, the Word was taught in power and we continue to see the growth of the church every day. We had 52 people in attendance; some of our members had travelled for the summer holidays.
During the summer holiday many churches host a Vacation Bible School for children. We had been praying to have someone in our church to do it. We thank God for answering our prayers. One of our member Mrs Lupita Smith hosted a three day Vacation Bible School and 28 kids attended and had three adults assisting her. It was so powerful kids were really empowered and next year we want to plan it bigger and better. Thank you for your prayers.

Punta Gorda (Town Assembly):
We started off our week with Monday prayer where we had 7 in attendance. We are continuing to learn about prayer and its importance in our everyday lives.
On Wednesday instead of the regular Bible study program we had a family game night which was a great success. We had a wonderful time as we played various Christian games and had wonderful fellowship. We had 20 in attendance, 6 adults, 3 youths, 5 young Generation and 8 children.
Then on Sunday we had another amazing turnout, 36 people in attendance, 13 adults, 2 youths, 4 young generation and 17 children.
The children's church is growing weekly and one family said specifically that they love that the children's church is available for the kids and promised to continue coming. We are teaching them the creation story using the FIF Child Evangelism ministry booklet. The Bible study was enjoyed as we continued our study about The Church (body of Christ). The Word of God was shared by Pastor Julian

Eldrigeville Assembly
Our assembly is marching on by God's special grace, on Monday we had a powerful time of prayer with 4 in attendance. Wednesday home Bible study continued as we learn together about the Word of God. On Sunday we had a wonderful time in the presence of God with 13 people in attendance (5 adults and 8 children). Please continue to pray for us to have an appropriate venue for services and for numerical and spiritual growth to continue in both assemblies.

The UK’s national girls conference ran from Thursday 15-18 August, 2019 where the girls of the United Kingdom received life changing teachings from Overseer Tekna Mutumbwa, Pastor Shamiso Mwale and Pastor Emily Marango including a special guest artist Zoe Bhebhe. They were taught how to live life as a girl of quality, as a young Eunor of today and tomorrow!
Workshops took place and a High tea where girls were taught how to raise the standards in every area of their life. Faith clinics and deliverance sessions were held and many girls received the Holy Spirit, sixteen girls received the gift of speaking in other tongues. They were also taught how to build their relationship with the Holy Spirit as well as maintain their deliverance.
We thank our father and our mother Ezekiel and Eunor Guti for giving us powerful speakers. Our Father Professor Ezekiel Guti prayed and blessed the girls on the last day Sunday. We give glory to God. The girls of the United Kingdom have been equipped with the spiritual tools on how to excel in all areas of their lives.

The boys had a great conference in Leicester. Great teachings were done by professionals in business, alcohol and drugs, prayer, church history and doctrine among many other topics. Great deliverance and the Holy Spirit baptism was so powerful. The boys were filled and prayed unstoppable for almost 2 hours. We witnessed a great improvement in attendance. Keep us in prayer as we build the boy child.

This weekend we commemorated that it has been three years since when God sent his Servants, Apostles Ezekiel and Eunor Guti to bring the unique seed of Forward in Faith to Miami. We give glory to God for His love and faithfulness. This Sunday everyone was full of joy. We had 28 people in attendance. Everyone was eager to share a testimony.
One lady testified of her finger which was so painful with arthritis, she could not wash, cook or clean but when she was prayed for God healed her.


We thank the God of our father Ezekiel Guti who have taken us this far. We managed to find accommodation for the new Pastors. The church was very happy to receive the local Pastors. This is a prayer answered to the believers who desired to talk to the Pastor without interpreters. They first Sunday Pastor Jhinna shared under the anointing message such that 6 old members who had stopped coming to church rededicated their life to Jesus in tears, people were being delivered from the pews while the Word was being shared. We had an attendance of 57 adults and 20 children and 2 visitors .
The same Sunday the pastors introduced Morning Prayer we saw twelve people coming to pray. On Monday the pastors conducted home visitations. 12 women attended Tuesday prayer. On Saturday we had an outreach in Ampasy, 105 people turned up 60 adults and 45 children. 28 people rededicated their lives to Jesus.

one woman was delivered from demons that affected the mind.
one girl got healed of stomach problem after being delivered.
one man got healed of a headache that affected the eyes.
We need your prayers for the assembly at Ampasy to be established, for God to give us money to paint the mission house and to complete the church at Ampasy. We also need a bigger venue for the church in Antananarivo.

What an awesome time in the Presence of God this week. Tuesday the leadership was updated by Elder Betty on the teachings from the UK conference on being good leaders. It was a wonderful time of sharing and unity. Home Bible Study continued at the various locations on Wednesday night. The believers maintain their expectations of having a good time of fellowship with the Lord and each other. On Friday there was a powerful prayer and worship session. The fire of God was in the place and His glory came down. Many responded to the altar call. One young man surrendered his life to the Lord. Deacon Sylvia brought the Word on. Many believers turned up for the service. Sunday climaxed the week with our devotional time of prayer and worship. Testimonies of the believers continue to be encouraging as they tell of the changes in their lives due to the goodness and love of God. Elder Betty shared from the book Sunday Morning Bible Lecture written by our father. One of our visitors gave his life to the Lord. Many of our first time visitors shared how the service made an impact on their lives and they were truly blessed. We give all honour, thanks and praise to the God of Father Ezekiel for His faithfulness and loving kindness towards us. We thank you for your prayers.

It is our great pleasure having another week here in South Sudan. Midweek services continued with attendances varying from 7 to 11 members. On Sunday we saw the great move of God as our Pastor was teaching during Bible study on the subject of salvation from the book; *Saved, Baptised and Filled with the Holy Ghost* written by our father. The teaching was so powerful leading to some believers crawling with tears on their cheeks to be prayed for.
Attendance was 10 Adults, 10 Youths, 32 children. Total 52.
We thank you for your continued support through your prayers

We would like to thank the God of our father Ezekiel Guti for a successful Family Convention weekend. We had successful family conventions which started at assembly level and ended as Family Big Sunday at Lagos. All our three assemblies had powerful conventions from Friday to Saturday Lagos. On Sunday all the assemblies came to Lagos and we had an attendance of 137 people.
In the morning session Elder Mrs Jeke taught on how to operate a business and she also taught on talents using church the history book. The teachings were very helpful.
The afternoon session was packed with powerful praise and worship and choirs from all assemblies and then powerful preaching from the young evangelists who are in charge of the new assemblies. Our Pastor then concluded the preaching and there was a mighty move of the Spirit of God. People were really blessed especially new believers. After the service everyone was given refreshments before they went back to their respective places.
We thank the God of Ezekiel for Nigeria - we are seeing great things and the seed of Forward in Faith is affecting many souls. We are expecting more great things through your prayers. Nigeria is moving forward.
This week:

Thanking God for the Servant and Apostles of God, Prof Ezekiel H. & Dr. Eunor Guti that God continues to give them supernatural strength on a daily basis. Thanking God for renewing their strength and giving them divine wisdom as they hold different meetings. Thanking God as they prepare to lead the group going for the pilgrimage to the Holy Land this week. Thanking God that He gives Baba & Amai victory in any warfare they may face.
Thanking God for the growth of FIFMI Trinidad. May many souls be added.
Thanking God that FIF Guyana continues to grow and is grounded. May God continue to add more souls. Thanking God for giving the ideal place of worship at a reasonable price.
Thanking God for the pilgrims going to the Holy Land Tour this week. May God protect them as they walk through the bible.
Thanking God for the Young Generation Conferences to be held in Zimbabwe during the school holidays in August and September.
Thanking God that He gives Baba & Amai a “building inspector” for the church.
Thanking God for the success of the Youth Zonal Seminars being held in August, that the youths of today may grow to fear God in all sincerity. Thanking God for great attendance and provision of all necessities.
Thanking God for intervening in the processing of the visas to countries that Baba and Amai are sending missionaries to especially the USA.
Thanking God for His providence and guidance in the many construction projects that Baba and Amai are doing such as the Bindura Ezekiel Guti Deliverance Healing and Prayer Centre and the schools in Gokwe and Chiredzi.
Thanking God for all the ZEGU staff and that God gives them the burden with a sense of urgency in representing the ZEGU vision.
Thanking God for all our missionaries and the growth of all our FIFMI churches worldwide. Thanking God for the expediting of the registration of the church in Mauritius.
Thanking God for the understanding of giving the correct way as people work Talents. Thanking God for the grace to work talents and give to God.
Thanking God for your nation.


Many years ago we used to have strong women who didn’t allow men to sleep with them, today maybe it’s the kind of food.
When a man gives you sweets, gives you a ride etc you are finished he will sleep with you.
Don’t allow your wife to shop alone until she’s taken - go there and show she’s your wife. A wise woman says no to rides from the same man who is not your husband. You will find yourself you are not honest anymore - you begin to say I was there and there...
If you can control your flesh, the blessing is coming. The problem is that you don’t admit you are suffering. You are trying to fast, you fast and when you eat things come back again. You don’t want to depend on fasting, fasting cannot kill the spirit of lust. Read the word of God, read the verses that rebuke you, you will cry. The word of God is key. We need to be strong Christians to be able to fight those spirits. Every age has its own issues. God bless you

We love you and are praying for you,
Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai

ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.
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