Founded by Apostle Dr. Ezekiel H. Guti: Over 50 Years and Moving On

Apostles Update Week 36

Dear Friends  
South Africa National Women's Conference
We thank God for our first National Women’s Conference. We are grateful to our father and mother for the vision of national women's conferences. We witnessed the hand of God from the beginning to the end. Attendance ranged from 550 on Thursday to 2000 on Sunday as women from all over South Africa converged at Olifantsfontein our FIFMI Headquarters and conference centre. All the speakers who came from USA, UAE, Zambia and Zimbabwe were mightily used of God.110 women were filled with the Holy Spirit and 45 women signed up for water baptism.
Some of the miracles:
  • 2 ladies who were having pain on the hip joint were healed after Dr. La-Verne ministered healing to them.
  • Another lady who was feeling pain in her stomach for some months got healed and confessed that the pain just disappeared.
  • A lady who had a problem with her right arm for 6 years got her healing.
  • A lot of women who were sick confessed their healing after a powerful prayer of healing.
  • Women with hearts that had hardened as stone received new hearts after Pastor Fiona Arthurs' teaching on marriage.
Here are some of the testimonies:
  • A woman was thinking of divorcing her husband but because of the marriage teachings and faith clinic she forgave him and sent him a love message.
  • A woman was delivered from bitterness against her husband who left her for another woman when she was 7 months pregnant. She also sent him love messages after taking a decision to forgive him. 
  • Another woman was delivered from bitterness against her mother who had given her up to be taken care of by strangers. She was still angry with her though she is dead. She also said because of the teaching on talents she's going to work hard for her life and not wait for donations from sympathizers.
  • Another woman was delivered from bitterness against her parents which was causing her to be bitter to her children and husband and always scream at them. They were even surprised as she was not screaming at them when she got back home on Saturday evening. 
Many more miracles took place, the barren women were prayed for, those with fibroids were prayed for and received healing, broken hearts were mended and the message of hope was brought to South African women.
Our nation will never be there same again.Thank you FIFMI family for praying for us, our conference had a thick presence of God.
Here are the results of prayers around the world:
St Kitts                                                            
We had a week full of testimonies and praises to the God of our father Dr Ezekiel H.Guti after preserving us from hurricane Irma. Miracles: 
  • One believer indeed saw the hand of God when the force of the wind tore a small sheet of her roof and yet the same wind took off the entire roof of another building. We thank the God of Ezekiel for His amazing grace, Hallelujah.   
  • One of our members who lives on one of the islands that was devastated lost everything but saw the hand of God preserving her life as she counted 7 tornadoes hit the hotel where she works and demolished it all except for the area she was in. As she extended help to a guest during the storm, she in turn was blessed with some money. God had miraculously provided her with this money so she could use it to pay for the only boat which God had miraculously provided as the only means of transport to take her to St Kitts. God provided both the fare and the transport at a time when it was nightmare to access either of the two.                            
  • Another believer went for medicals in preparation for her new job and the devil switched the results. She has never smoked in her life yet the results were a shock of her life. Praise be to the God of Ezekiel for divine intervention and at end, the tests were redone and came out correctly with no signs of smoking.                        
  • A new believer was elated by how her electricity bill was miraculously slashed down by $3000. She glorified this God of Ezekiel, indeed it’s a year of miracles in which our father says it shall be enough.    
  • We had a desire to do a radio programme to market FIF in St kitts as well as to invite people to our big Sunday but the charges were beyond our capacity. Our big God intervened by raising a sponsor for us and we went on radio as desired.                   
Indeed we are inspired and challenged by the teachings from Baba’s book, Two ways of Knowing God, not theology but experience.  As we continue with our soul winning, we are provoked by strange ideologies some people hold concerning our lord Jesus Christ. We are more driven than ever to continue doing soul winning.  Our weekly programme went on well. On Sunday we had 17 persons in attendance as three of our members were at work. The service was highly anointed from devotion to closure, with the power of the Holy Spirit. We had a first time visitor, a gentleman who even made his contribution towards the big Sunday and promised to keep coming while making his decision for Jesus. After service, we went and water baptised one believer, praise be to God. We are facing yet another hurricane this Tuesday, we are asking for your prayers that the God of Ezekiel preserve our nation like He did in the previous hurricanes.
FIFMI - Nevis continues to go forward for God with highly concentrated Prayer that God will continue to build a hedge of protection over our two-island country and extended Families in the neighboring islands as we face the raging storms. To that end FIFMI Nevis was able to deliver cases of Drinking Water to the Relief effort Team for our neighboring island, Anguilla. We thank our Members who responded rapidly to meet the urgent pleas in this effort. We ask our Brothers and Sisters in our worldwide communities of FIFMI to stand with us in prayer through this hurricane season.
Attendance increased during our Lunch Time Ministry this past week. Sunday's worship was rich, spirit filled and powerful with 14 Adults and 5 Children in attendance. The Word was delivered in two parts firstly by Deaconess Nicolene "Arise in Christ for the Light has come" and Elder Cheryl "Renew your covenant with God." These were the first of The Leaders involvement in delivery of the Word. We look forward to other presentations to come.
Upcoming Events: In-Home Bible Study groups start this week with three groups. BIG SUNDAY FIFMI ST.KITTS to be held on September 24th with Nevis joining our Sisters and Brothers for a BIG TIME IN GOD. Nevis - FIFMI to start an on-line Bible Study program with 2020 Vision Radio. 
  •  One member's testimony of how God directed and interceded and prevented her from making the wrong decisions that could have altered her life. 
  • Another member's testimony on how God helped her deliver care packages for Family members in Neighboring islands when all efforts seemed like it was not going to happen God stepped and sent the right person at the right time to not only deliver urgently and at no cost. Praise God, hallelujah! 
He says we must trust and obey and wait for his direction. 
It has been a wonderful week of prayer and fasting for us here in Barbados. We have seen the hand of God in the mid week prayers where great deliverance was happening. On Friday evening, after much prayer, the presence of God was so electrifying that evil spirits began to scream as people were set free. Testimonies include:
  • A lady with gall stones was reported completely healed on Wednesday when the Doctors could not find them on the scanner.
  • Restoration of marriage as an unfaithful spouse reformed and repented
  • A lot of ladies were delivered from bondages
Pray for us as we are in the Hurricane season. Tropical Storm Maria which is turning into a Hurricane has threatened most of our believers not to attend church service. Warnings had been issued out for people to stay indoors and the transport system was down. Regardless of these threatening conditions we managed to hold a Sunday service and 28 locals braved the weather. It was a time of healing and mending in the presence of the Lord.
Pray for us here in the Carribean lslands that these Hurricanes will not come where people stay and cause further damage. We believe the same Jesus who said "Peace, be still" to the storm, can calm these hurricanes for us. God bless you
We would like to thank everyone for the prayers during the last hurricane. God is faithful. Some of us relocated to other cities and states, while some believers stayed. Everyone is safe and sound. The Mission house was not touched by hurricane Irma. Some neighbor who is a church member said they saw God's hand in how God protected the Mission house. God protected the city of Miami and the whole state of Florida, as the hurricane slightly moved to the West coast. Glory to God. We saw the faithfulness of the God of our Father, as we cried out and He heard us. Many trees were uprooted in the neighborhood. Some trees are still blocking roads. Cellular network was affected, cable and electricity still being restored in other areas. Our previous Sunday service was cancelled because of the hurricane. Due to the adjustment from hurricane effects there was low attendance of 7 for Sunday service. We had a powerful service. We thank God for all your prayers, and the prayers from our Mother and Father, The Apostles and servants of God. God is faithful. Hallelujah!
The Lord Jesus Christ is changing the lives of many here in Malaysia. This week, the Girls of Quality (GOQ) met on their Big Saturday and 21 girls attended the service and 3 visitors came, 2 from Tanzania. The visitors were amazed and grateful about the teachings which the girls were getting from the elders who taught life changing teachings from Baba & Amai’s books, to equip today's generation of young women with the word of God and grooming them to become God fearing women, entrepreneurs and self-sustaining girls of quality. Sunday the girls hosted the service where 42 adults and 2 children were in attendance. Nationalities present were Tanzania, Swaziland, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. There was great joy and as the girls were happy to be given a platform to do something in the House of the Lord. The Boys were inspired to have their own Big Saturday and the revival which was brought by the family Convention Conference is truly evident in the church. October has been declared to be a month of Soul Winning here in Malaysia and as a church, we will be doing outreach in different areas and towns each week in October. We are kindly requesting your prayers that that we may go with boldness and win many souls, 
especially the locals, to the Kingdom of God. We thank the God of Ezekiel for being with us and the prayers of all the saints in FIFMI.
Our Telugu service was attended by 26 people and 3 people committed to membership in FIFMI. We managed to meet with a group of 19 people from Pakistan and taught them about the history and doctrine of the Forward in Faith Church. They all committed to FIFMI as members, and are so happy about the church. Dr. Mafuriranwa formally accepted this group as members and our third FIF assembly in Oman was thus launched. They will be meeting in the morning at 10am before the Telugu service which starts at 1pm. Our service on Saturday was attended by 8 people in total. We kindly ask you for your continued prayers.
We thank the God of our father, Professor Ezekiel H. Guti for allowing him to take this true seed to Jamaica. The church is now 2 years old and this previous Sunday the 17th of September 2017 was the day of remembrance of how it all began in 2015. There was great joy in the church and it was testimony after testimony. Here are some of the testimonies:
  • An Elder testified that she was a member of another church for 17 years before coming to FIFMI. She was in search of something more in her Christian journey to fill up her emptiness. One night in her dream she saw an African Prince giving her a precious treasure and a few months later Baba Guti came to Jamaica. She knows that God sent Baba Guti to Jamaica for her. She is convinced that she received an impartation in the area of giving through the money she was personally given by Baba & Amai. She now acknowledges that her prayer life has greatly improved and she is also very grateful for the teaching of talents. God is really blessing her through working Home Talents.
  • Another Elder testified that she came to the church to do Praise and Worship when the church started and up to now she is still within FIFMI. Since coming to FIFMI she was able to leave the Island for the first time to Africa to attend Today's Woman Conference. Everything was paid for by FIFMI. Her husband was also saved through this ministry and today he is the chairman of the church. She is also thankful for the teaching of Home Talents because she managed to clear up her credit card to lessen her debt.
  • Another Elder testified that she came to FIFMI through Student Pastor Lydia Isaacs. This year she was able to travel to Zimbabwe to attend Elders and Deacons Deeper Life Conferences and all the expenses were taken care of by FIFMI. In January God spoke through her pastor that she should open a second Pharmacy and God did it this month. The second Pharmacy is now open in this year of having through the Kingdom of God.
  • A sister testified that she came to the church through her sister who kept on inviting her until she gave in and today her life has been totally transformed by the God of Ezekiel Guti.
  • Many more people continued to thank Baba Guti for his obedience to come to Jamaica with such a true seed. They said that their lives are no longer the same.
2 people were saved. We give praise to the God of our father. After church we had a big fellowship where people ate and could not finish the food as in the Bible story of the feeding of the 4000 people excluding women and children. 53 persons attended church. We thank you for all your prayers over Jamaica.     
Thank you for your prayers. Our midweek services went well. We launched a Bible Class program to ground our members on their knowledge of the Bible. The program which should cover at least three hours per week and will give them an overview of all the books of the Bible. On Sunday 6 adults and 4 children attended the service. Thank you for continuing to pray for souls more to be added as we do follow ups and various soul winning activities. 
We thank the God of our father who has kept us thus far. Thank you all for the prayers, for we are seeing the grace of God. God is bringing new people time after time and as our father said some people who used to be members are also coming back to church We are witnessing an increase in attendance in our Monday and Friday prayers from 6 to 10 and now 20 to 34. During the prayer sessions we witness mighty deliverance.
One lady who attended our Friday prayers invited us to the house and told us that she saw a man whom she does not know telling her that if she wants a blessing in life she is to follow the teachings of FIFMI. After we showed her the picture of our father she said that's the man and we knew the angel of this church is also visiting people. This lady is now our member, glory to God 
We thank God for our Sunday service recorded our highest attendance, 67 adults and 32 children. We give glory to God for a lot of deliverance in our services one lady who had the spirit of misfortune also got delivered during our services
  • One girl who needed school fees received it after prayer
  • A baby who cried for two hours was prayed for over the phone and then slept peacefully. 
  • A woman repented after she got money to buy food and her husband was released from prison a day after we had visited her home and prayed, glory to God
North Carolina
We thank our loving Father Ezekiel and Mother Guti for sending Senior Pastors Chris and Sesie Mutsigwa. We have already started to see a tremendous change starting in our midst with the church coming together as a family and strong unit through fellowships and powerful Bible studies. The church has Couples Fellowships and Bible Studies as our soul winning strategies.
Last week we were also graced by the presence of Evangelist Dr. Ezekiel Guti Jr and Pastor Caroline Guti. The weekend was filled with power and anointing. We witnessed miracles of emotional and physical healing. People were delivered from sickness and demonic oppression. Anointing was so thick in the place that chains of depression were broken. We saw new families come to join the gatherings and fellowships. The word was delivered with much power leaving the people empowered to work in the kingdom. People were prayed for barrenness. Fellowships after the service brought the church and the community together. We thank God because after this visit the church has not remained the same.
We had a Sunday for the Child Evangelism here and it was great. We saw the hand of God. You can see that the seed of FIF has been planted. The kids sang, danced, shared the word and prayed for people, there was a genuine move of God. Though there was a big expo going on next door, the kids came to support their service and 38 people came. 
While in our Punta Gorda assembly we had a great service, we are seeing our people being committed to the church more and more. Attendance was 14 kids and 12 adults. Please continue to pray for growth
This week:
  1. Pray for the Servant and Apostles of God, Prof Ezekiel H. & Dr. Eunor Guti that God gives them supernatural strength daily especially for the mission at hand. Pray that God gives them success and brings the right people to them. Pray that the territorial spirits are under their feet.
  2. Pray for the plans that God has for Israel through Baba & Amai that only God's will prevails. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Psalm 122:6 "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: May they prosper who love you."
  3. Let's continue to pray for God's intervention in the processing of visas for the longterm missionaries for the different nations. This is one of the many burdens that Baba has. Pray for God to give Baba people needed to help with the work that God has given him.
  4. Pray for Dr. Eunor as she prepares for the back to back Womens' Conferences in USA and Canada this September.
  5. Pray for Baba & Amai as they prepare for the Deeper Life Conferences to be held in October.
  6. Praise God for the success of the South Africa Women's Conference held this past weekend. Many women were delivered and set free. Marriages and relationships were also restored.
  7. Pray for the Womens Conference to be held in Virginia USA this Thursday September 21-24, 2017. Pray that God provides money so many women are able to attend. Pray for God to anoint the speakers.
  8. Pray for the continued growth of all our FIFMI churches worldwide including those looking for affordable venues and the appropriate locations. Praise God for the protection of our FIFMI churches from hurricanes. Pray for continued protection throughout this hurricane season.
  9. Pray for the International Annual Mature Girls Conference to be held September 21-24, 2017 at AMFCC. Pray for the Single Ladies Annual Conference September 29-October 1, 2017. Pray for the speakers to be mightly used of God and that all delegates travel safely and be able to attend.
  10. Pray for the success of Home Talents and the understanding of the vision. 
  11. Pray for your nation.
Psalm 32:1 “Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven….”
Matthew 18:35 “So My heavenly Father also will do to you if each of you, from his heart, does not forgive his brother his trespasses
Ephesians 4:32 “And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you.
3. If there's no spirit of forgiveness it brings witchcraft because of anger. When they see a person who they are angry with prospering or something has been promised to that person, they don't say anything with their mouth but inside their heart they bewitch. They say, I wish that it won’t happen, he must know that he is a sinner, he did this to me. Church witchcraft is more dangerous than worldly witchcraft. Key to this is forgiveness. When you have forgiven and something is happening to your brother or sister in the church, you rejoice with that person. 
4. If there’s no forgiveness it brings poverty. He's not a God who associates with bitterness. Therefore, demons will say this is a fertile ground and they are making you to be poor. A poor country has lots of witchcraft, murder etc.
5. If there's no forgiveness people run away for fear of revenge. Places are empty, people relocate because they fear revenge. TO BE CONTINUED....
God bless you.
We love you and are praying for you,
Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai
ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.
+263 777 282 356, +263 777 282 092 

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