Founded by Apostle Dr. Ezekiel H. Guti: Over 50 Years and Moving On

Apostles Update Week 37

Dear Friends  
What an amazing Today's Woman Conference we had this year at the Glamis Arena in Harare, Zimbabwe. An estimated 16000 to 17 000 women from all over the world attended this iconic conference. Over 500 women received Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. And thousands were delivered from bondages.
There were over 300 churches represented including Mainline churches e.g. United
Methodist, Presbyterian, Roman Catholics, Pentecostal, Zionist and Apostolic amongst others. For the first time we had 8 different ministries UFIC, Jabula, Greater Harare Mubatanidzwa, Call To Worship, The Apostle's Church, ZAOGA and Women of Faith ministering through Praise and Worship.
Archbishop Dr. Eunor Guti taught powerfully on Wisdom and how words spoken without wisdom can damage relationships in families, at church or at the work place. Once spoken words cannot be retrieved. Women were encouraged to think before they speak.
Some of the other speakers included Prophetess Memory Matimbire of Ndadhinhiwa Prayer Group, Pastor Lucy Kawenda, Pastor Fiona Arthurs, Vongai Mutengwa the Junior Minister of Women's Affairs, Bishop Prisca Soko, Bishop Mashaya, Bishop Chitanda of UDACISA, Bishop Gurupira, Dr. La-Verne Simukai, Bishop Katsande, the Chairperson of the Bishops' wives of the Zimbabwe Council of Churches, Pastor Santa Du Plessis and the Hepzibah dancers, Dr. Abigail Magwenzi and more. They all taught on different topics such as prayer, marriage, the Girl child, emotional healing, breaking generational curses, cleanliness, parenting, peace, self development, taking care of children with special needs, entrepreneurship, cancer awareness and other vital topics that make Today’s woman relevant and wise. Phoebe Mashavave, formerly known as Fungisayi was our guest musician who moved the crowds. 
Female inmates from Chikurubi Female Prison came and testified how they had gone into prison for crimes such as robbery and fraud but they met Jesus in prison and are now born again. They sang beautifully praising the Lord. Three cancer survivors spoke and shared their testimonies about cervical and breast cancer and cancer of the uterus. This was followed by Dr Pazorora's teaching on how to identify and prevent cancer.
We had over 10 Today's Woman High Teas which we used to reach out to women through out the country and some street preaching too. We saw the fruit of those outreaches as women came in buses from outside Harare.
The Today's Woman Pre- Conference Dinner was filled to capacity and there was so much joy among the women.
The team that worked tirelessly for this conference had so much unity and a sweet spirit which was inspired by our mother, Archbishop Dr. Eunor. Glory to God.
We thank God for the precious gift of rain all week. Trinise are generally indoor people when it’s raining. The midweek service did not disappoint in both assemblies. The church got grounded in the Word of God with an average of 9 persons in San Juan assembly and 13 in Belmont assembly that’s on midweek prayers and bible study. On Tuesday 6 ladies attended ladies Tuesday prayer with Pastor Judith. The saints were so excited to plan for our first big Sunday and we thank God for answering our father’s prayers for a live radio broadcast. We went to a local popular radio station and God gave us breakthrough that people started calling us to enquire about the church as we were still in the studio. We affected as far as Tobago where three ladies were prayed for by the evangelist over the phone and were ready to come for the big Sunday only to be disturbed by the cyclone that hit the island and both Ferry and flights to and from Tobago were cancelled. We received Bishop Stanley and Dorcas Masaka and Pastor Isaac and Sheila Cook. We thank our father and mother for always remembering us. Though on Sunday it was the height of the cyclone our attendance was 31 and Pastor Isaac shared a powerful Word, one person gave his life to Christ and one made FIFMI her home, one couple tied the knot in church and were blessed by the Bishop. We want to thank Evangelist Dr Phil & Pastor Judith for the great work they have done since the start of FIFMI Trinidad and Tobago with our father and mother. It was a bit emotional as we bade them farewell. Surely they left a mark in our Islands of Trinidad and Tobago. It was joy in the end as our father blessed the church of Trinidad and Tobago on the phone.
On Tuesday 6 ladies were able to attend prayer and were taught by Overseer Florence Gudyanga. Mid-week average attendance was 29 and Sunday we were 43 people. We had effective teaching on Salvation by Overseer Dr Gudyanga in mid-week.
Guyana was highly favoured to receive Elder Merry Mercy who gave a wonderful life changing testimony on Friday night and on Saturday she was able to train our two secretaries. We thank our father and mother the Apostles of Jesus Christ for their prayers, assistance and love of our nation as they bought a van for the church.
On Sunday Pastor Victory led bible study on water baptism (burying the deadbody) and 5 people were water baptised in the evening at 6pm. Overseer Gudyanga shared profound teaching on obeying the Prophet of God and Kingdom living. Guyana will never be the same again continue to pray for us as we grow and affect the country with the seed of Forward In Faith
  • Three of our members, two ladies and one man are now gainfully employed.
  • Our believer whose brother we prayed for came out of prison and after counselling received Jesus Christ. Glory Hallelujah
  • This week six people in total received Jesus Christ.
Pray for us to find a conducive place of worship of our own.
We thank God for a great service. Pastor Bruce continued teaching about the Kingdom of God. One of our Deacons who shared the word powerfully about how circumstances in her life have drawn her closer to God and opened an opportunity for her to minister to women in Jail. She gave various testimonies about the lives of women she reached through her ministry and how God touched and changed them. People were on the edge for an altar call. In attendance were 18 adults and 2 children, 2 of those were visitors. We are praying for the upcoming Regional Big Sunday that will be held in Nashville, and for a more permanent place of worship.
We thank the God of our father Ezekiel. Indeed He has been so good to us. We had a fantastic week despite the weather. On Tuesday the Leaders met for a powerful prayer. We saw God move in our midst. Wednesday, the home cell groups continue with more believers coming in. Believers are enjoying studying the Word of God. Friday was awesome. Believers continue to engage in relentless prayer. We saw God move in a mighty way with powerful ministry of the word by our beloved Deacon Sylvia. Sunday, was the climax. God visited us in a special way. Many believers testified to God's goodness with gladness. We heard God providing Jobs, God showing up in time of need, financial provision, healing etc. Believers are indeed excited to be in the house of the Lord. A powerful message was delivered by our Elder and one young lady, Dominique received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour. God is doing great and mighty things amongst the believers. We give Him all the glory and honour. We thank you for your prayers.
Nevis was filled with activities celebrating our Country's Independence that gave FIFMI believers free time to come together. On Monday {Hero's Day) we spent time visiting homes of other members and on Thursday (Independence Day) we met for Lunchtime Ministries. This was a welcome treat as many members would not normally have time on a normal work day. Thank God for the holidays. These activities were like an extra dose of vitamins for the soul as members came to worship on Sunday, the Holy Spirit filled the place and we had a great time in worship. Attendance was 27 with 21 adults and 6 Children which included two visitors. The Spirit of the Lord took control as our devotional prayer focused on thanksgiving for God's favor where one storm had passed with no effect and as we await another, in the heart of our hurricane season, we pray for God to take control and protect us. We also pray for our Sisters and Brothers in Trinidad who are, as I write, experiencing extreme flooding from a passing storm which will be on its way to us in another day or so. Our Bible Study, conducted by Deacon Lucien, was as provocative as it sounds "Spiritual warfare" as he guided us through a theme "The Church is not a Country Club." Nevis is On Fire! Praise and Worship continued the fire leading into the WORD. Deacon Josias, delivering the Word, "Man was Created to Dominate the World". At the end of the Word the call for prayer saw one member delivered from spirits which he testified were living with him. All of the Children came forward for prayer and another member was delivered.
We continue to pray for the impending storms that God will continue to save us from danger and intensified floods. We are praying for families who have lost loved ones, a member’s husband who is hospitalized and our incoming Pastors.
Punta Gorda (Town assembly)
The church is marching on by God's grace. We continue to encourage the people through the Word of God and prayer. We held our midweek services. On Sunday we held our very first Big Sunday where both assemblies came together to fellowship. It was a success and there was great joy in the place. Pastor Julian shared a very powerful Word on knowing your area and 4 people rededicated their lives to Christ. From the town assembly we had 8 adults, 4 young generation and 10 children in attendance.
One lady testified that she was experiencing unbearable demonic attacks in her home and after the pastors prayed for her and her partner on Tuesday (Sept. 10th) they were able to sleep peacefully and felt the covering on the Lord over their place. They haven't experienced any demonic attacks since then. We give God glory.
Punta Gorda (Village assembly)
Our church is still growing by the grace of God. We also continued with the midweek services. For our big Sunday we were 6 adults, 1 Youth and 3 young generation in attendance. We thank you for your continuous prayers for us and we are believing God for greater breakthroughs in our country.
We thank the Lord Jesus Christ for the growth of the church. Last week a total of 5 believers were water baptised and this week we had a wonderful week of prayer and fasting as all assemblies spent time praying for their lives and on Friday we had a Holy Spirit Night service. Before the service, 8 believers went for faith clinic and were delivered from addictions and spiritual spouses. During the service 9 who were oppressed by the devil with various ailments where set free by our Lord Jesus. Later on 1 person received Jesus Christ, 5 baptised for the first time in the Holy Spirit and spoke in other tongues while
24 where baptised again in the Holy Spirit. A total of 46 believers were in attendance. It was a powerful night as the Spirit of God was moving in our midst. Sunday both assemblies went out for fellowship with a total of 50 adults and 3 children in attendance as believers got to enjoy the whole day in a new environment in unity and joy. We thank the God of Ezekiel for such a unique week. 
UK held its second ever Young Generation conference on the 13th - 15th September with more than 300 young persons and teachers in attendance. There were more than 8 buses from all corners of UK that came to the conference. We want to thank God for our seasoned Child Evangelism UK National Director, Pastor Burke and other speakers at the conference. Young Generation received powerful and life changing teachings on social media awareness, drugs, crime related issues, grooming and safeguarding issues. This empowered them to be young and responsible children.
Children also received teachings on salvation and many rededicated their lives to Jesus Christ. Many gave their lives to Christ for the first time. All children were delivered from demonic spirits. There was a thick presents of the Holy Spirit during the Holy Spirit session. Children were filled with Holy Spirit. The conference was packed with loads of fun including physical activities for children. We thank God for such a powerful conference. 
It's again another wonderful week here as we praise God for His faithfulness!
Our mid-week services went on well ladies continued to meet on Friday for their prayer.
On Sunday we had a powerful bible study on deliverance. The pastor continued with the topic of deliverance into the Word and ministered deliverance. There was a boy who came with his father on motor cycle because he could not walk but after he was prayed for, he left walking on his own. Three people gave their lives to the Lord.
Total attendance was 78 including 30 adults, and 48 children. We had 8 visitors. One child was dedicated to the Lord. We continue to ask for prayers for peace in our nation.
We thank God so much for the crusade we had with Evangelist Mavhunga from 13-15 September 2019 at Nyanyadzi Primary School. On the first day 1018 people came from areas surrounding. After the preaching by the Evangelist people were prayed for and the following miracles happened;
  • A woman who had a leg problem for 2 years was prayed for and was healed instantly.
  • A local headman who had a migraine headache for some time was prayed for and was instantly healed.
  • A man who was short sighted was prayed for and was able to read from the bible on the spot.
  • 6 people were delivered from moving objects in their bodies after being prayed for by the Evangelist
The following day 1400 people attended the crusade and 16 ladies were delivered from period pains problem, one lady was delivered from spiritual spouse and 14 people were delivered from night feeding dreams. Many people were delivered from various demonic oppressions. The last day we had a powerful service at our district church and 400 people attended the service. The Holy Spirit session was conducted by the Evangelist. 41people were baptized in the Holy Spirit. 19 people were baptized in water. A total of 112 people gave gave their lives to Jesus Christ. We thank God for His mercies that made this crusade a success. We pray that the God of our father Prof E H Guti strengthen our follow up team so that the fruits of this crusade may be seen.
This week:
  1. Thanking God for the Servant and Apostles of God, Prof Ezekiel H. & Dr. Eunor Guti that God continues to give them supernatural strength on a daily basis. Thanking God for giving them a relevant word as they prepare for the Male and Female Pastors conferences being held in Harare, Zimbabwe this week, September 24-29, 2019. Thanking God for revelation and divine wisdom for the different assignments. Thanking God for continuing to give Baba & Amai victory in any warfare they may face.
  2. Thanking God for the growth of FIFMI Trinidad and Guyana. May God continue to add more souls.
  3. Thanking God for the success of Today's Woman Conference held this past weekend. Lives were transformed and souls added to the kingdom of God.
  4. Thanking God for the Male and Female Pastors to be held in Harare, Zimbabwe from September 24-29, 2019. Thanking God for the providing the finances and anointing the speakers.
  5. Thanking God for the National Council to be held on September 30-October 1, 2019 at AMFCC, Harare Zimbabwe.
  6. Thanking God that He gives Baba & Amai a “building inspector” for the church.
  7. Thanking God for His providence and guidance in the many construction projects that Baba and Amai are doing such as the Bindura Ezekiel Guti Deliverance Healing and Prayer Centre and the schools in Gokwe and Chiredzi.
  8. Thanking God for enabling all the ZEGU staff to understand and represent the ZEGU vision.
  9. Thanking God for all our missionaries and the growth of all our FIFMI churches worldwide. Thanking God for other visas to other nations. Thanking God for the expediting of the registration process of FIFMI Mauritius.
  10. Thanking God for the understanding of giving the correct way as people work Talents. Thanking God for the grace to work talents and give to God.
  11. Thanking God for your nation.
In this church we don’t allow elders who live in sin to lead. One day they will catch you even if you have been hiding. When you find things have become too hard, step down. If as a leader you are so dry, nothing in you - just step down. Let other young elders lead.
Don’t use the name of God in vain. Step down, keep on praying and God will deliver you. You are born again but that thing is still in you, get help. God wants to bless you. Continue serving the Lord, read the word of God, cry to God and God will deliver you..... God bless you
We love you and are praying for you,
Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai
ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.
+263 777 282 356, +263 777 282 092 

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