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Take All the Glory - Free to Worship

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Free to Worship presents a powerful song "Take All the Glory", performed by Pastor Rudo Rwizi.  Free to Worship DDVD's and CD's will be available for purchase on  For more information, please contact

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This song truly blesses me i

This song truly blesses me i thank God for the grace to enable me to be part of this ministry



free to worship

where can i get this album am in email. is or 0775259108. Your album is full of anointing keep the good work people we love you we appreciate the good work.please please tell me where i can buy my copy of video and audio cds.

Take all the glory

Pastor Rudo God bless you for ministering in such a powerful way.I am blessed by your song

This song really touches my

This song really touches my heart. May the God of our father bless you Free to Worship.

Its my worship song of the moment.

Thank you so much for the powerful Worship. It is full of meaning. Yah, that's my best worship song at the moment. [Xièxiè nǐ zhème duō qiángdà de xìnyǎng. Tā shì chōngmǎn yìyì. Shì,Zhè shì wǒ zuì chóngbài gēqǔ de shíkè.] When Christ Jesus takes all the glory, hey that will be tantamount to the occurrence of great things in our lives. I will give him the glory everyday. (Student Pastor Aleck 'Kags' Kaguramamba)


Very soul searching. Thank you.

For your faithfulness power &

For your faithfulness power & your love take all the Glory

PURE praise and worhsip

WOW! I first heard this song yesterday at my place of worhsip...Word of God Church and Ministries in Columbia SC and OMG!!! I was truly blessed by the anointing. Free to Worhship really ministered this song with PURE PRAISE AND WORSHIP. I could not stop playing it, but I am leaving work now. :) May God continue to enrich your ministry and country with a great abundance of praise for His glory. Connie


Just to say guys you rock! we have waiting for this for years and finally what our father envisioned has come to pass.

this is my all time song and

this is my all time song and yes welldone team Aussy. .

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