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Ten Days of Fasting and Prayer

Apostles Drs Ezekiel and Eunor Guti praising God during a prayer session at the ZAOGA FIFMI Headqarters.  Caption, 2012 a year of thanks giving and praise



Download the 2012 Ten Days Letter (PDF)

The year 2011 was a year full of victories and testimonies of the deliverance power of the blood of Jesus Christ.  The year of deliverance brought many out of bondage and into the glorious liberty of the Kingdom of God, and as the people of God look ahead to 2012, Apostle Dr. EH Guti has issued an uplifting letter for the annual Ten Days of Prayer and Fasting.  

In this year, the Servant of God has been led by God to declare a year of Praising and Thanking God for all the great things he has done.  This is a unique year in which is being separated for thanksgiving, and as the servant of God says in the letter for the 2012 Ten Days of Fasting and Prayer, "Everybody, old Christian and new Christian must be given time to stand up and testify, thanking what the Lord has done in your life and in your family."


Download the 2012 Ten Days Letter (PDF)


Thank God for keeping his

Thank God for keeping his servant strong and fit.aposle prof E.H.GUTI.and gving him the theme of this year 2014.seeking revelation in knowing our inheritance.may God bls u baba for giving us a big God.

prayer request

Please help pray to God to destroy the spirit of witch crafting operating against my life, destiny and future…I am a graduate looking for a good job here in Nigeria.

God of Ezekiel

Thank you Lord for your presence in our church,may you continue review yourself as what you have done in chikengezha mhondoro.

Greetings in the name of our

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Please could we have downloadable links to this year's 10 days letter and other previous years

where is the 2013 10 dqys

where is the 2013 10 dqys letter we wanna download it


I jusj want to thank the Lord for His servant in our church God bless u papa

Ten dayz of prayer & fasting

Had i know that God of Ezekiel can do mighty things even in remote areas like Batanai region @ Neshuro in Masvingo Province?He reveald himself the same way he is doing on Ezekiel TV

Praise be to God!

I thank the God of Baba & Amai Guti for the so many good things He is doing in my life. Amen!

You are mu church well done i

You are mu church well done i perceive the hand of God on this church keep me informed of the Good things you are doing well done chifumuro Emmerson Tafara District


Truly, this is a year of praising God.He is doing great things in my life.Baba Guti prophesied this year to be a year for home talents and so far I have seen breakthroughs in my life financially,physically and spiritually.I am healed and I bought a stand and other household goods within a short space of time.Our God is so faithful,Let us continue to praise him.Anoramba achiita mabasa makuru muupenyu hwedu.

God bless Dr Ezekiel

I thank God for raising his servant and apostle the visionary. I love that he explains the doctrine clearly without compromise and with humility. We are blessed to have him & are lucky to be witnessing his teachings.

God is good

God is good all the time. i was part of the Zaoga family until i joined AFM because of marriage, but we are together in spirit. help me to pray and be strong. i know God is about to answer my prayers. i love you baba na mai Guti, may the good lord continue to bless you mightly. we are all blessed children of God in Jesus Christ's name. Amen


Want to thank you Baba for our new Oversears in Mat North Baba naMai Chipepera, haa we are being blessed ne Exelency yega yega

Thank you Lord

Our God is the same yesterday today and forever. Just ashomeless people were cared for at cottage 593..Today Pastors are still doing it in their homes...My Pastors are my father and mother right now . I am at university because of them.

I thank God so much for keep

I thank God so much for keep on strenghthening his servants Dr E.H Guti & our mother.

yafamba zvemashuwa shuwa!!

it`s amazing how God is working in His church lead by the His servant Ezekiel!!Ende Mwari anoshamisa!!

Glory to God

I would like to thank God in this wonderful year of thanks giving. The God of our father E H Guti is a good God. All glory to Him for totaly delivering me during ten days of prayer and fasting. Namibia, Rocky Crest.


thank you baba for encouraging us to continue in the love of God. May GOD continue to strengthen you Baba


I thank God for strengthening his servant, i was humbled when God allowed us as Zoc Nust to have a meeting with the servant and Apostle in 2010 and we were encouraged by Baba and Mhamha ,i will neva forget that experience

Thank you for the new Overseer`s Baba & Mai Zhou

they are a Blessing to us and the whole Family. we thank you for giving us the real GOD. we pray that God keeps you strong & fit. Sorry for the delayed communication. Your Children in the Lord James and Sally-Miracle(now) Byo AMFCC

Thank You Jesus

there can never be enough words to thank God for raising His servant. What a great vision we are in. Thank you Jesus

I am delivered.

I want to thank God for delivering me during ten days of praying & fasting, l had a problem for a long time & l was prayed for by many people but nothing happened. During the time of praise & worship l was totally DELIVERED. I thank the God of Ezekiel. Amen. From N. Tafirenyika B/B Zimbabwe.

The Year 2012

I personally would like to thank the servant and Apostle of God for the Ten Days Prayer letter. It is uplifting and things have started happening in my life and family. We are really happy to be part and parcel of this great family T.M. Queko

God strengthen His servant

We fell very empowered and a lot of warm when we hear that God keeps strengthening His servant. We keep praying for Baba Guti everyday of our lives.

power in the blood

yes there is power in the blood of jesus fear not


Sure am seeing the hand of the God of Ezekiel in my life and my family.God has taken us this far I thank the lord very much beacause it is the grace of God.2012 the year of thanking God for everything he has done for us and what he is going to do for us. Sure I shall praise wholeheartdly AMEN

Take All the Glory Almighty God

For your Servant baba Ezekiel Handinawangu Guti & amai take all the glory God. Salvation has come to us through the. I thank God for added strength & annointing upon your lives. Let every living creature thank & praise God this year!


I want to thank GOD for everything he has done for me, i mean great things. i have learnt that when its God 's time , no one can stop you from getting your blessings ,for me the year was 2011 , thank you God. Iam really grateful very grateful. thank you Lord.

Year 2012

In everything and every aspect for 2012 me and my family we are 10 times better Daniel 1v15

National Letters

Thank you for you comments, and for continuing to support the We look forward that next year, all of the Ten Days prayer items for each nation will be made available online, and in advance. Please continue to pray for the FIFMI Global Website team, for breakthroughs and for God to open doors that will help FIFMI as we improve our online and media outreach. May God richly bless you.


Links to Immediately Available Prayer Lists:


How do i access the daily

How do i access the daily prayer request for the Ten Days Prayer?

God is great

God did a lot of things in my life, alot of them...countless things..I better get busy thanking and praising Him differently now.....Halleluyah

God bless Ezekiel

God bless Ezekiel

Glory to God

Mwari ndimwari weminana,2011 was a year of receivin for me and my family and now its time to thank the Lord..tho we strtd the year on a bad note asi i know the Lord vakati chengetera zvihombe pamberi..LORD I THANK YOU

This is our year of

This is our year of thanksgiving for what the Lord has done for us. I am overwhelmed with joy knowing that the Lord has prepared wonderful things for us Yeeeeeeee!!!!!

10 days letter

please can you send me the 10days prayer points for zimbabwe


pane chakavanzika chiri mukereke yeZAOGA!


Chakavanzika chiri muZAOGA hurongwa hwavo hwakatsetseka. Mumwe nemumwe anoziva basa rake mukereke. Hapana anongodzvokora vamwe vachishanda. The spirit of industry to the work of God. Kuremekekedzana nekuziva kuti Mwari, pakati pevana vake anoisa maContact persons paanosvitsa maInstuctions ake kukereke. Hwendefa yakapiwa Moses, everyone.Baba Guti is the man of God and is respected not worshiped as some people want to think. Emmanuel Dzingira AFM UK

Holy spirit

Give us wisdom & knowledge to do the right thing alwayz

National Letters

Its great that the servant of God's letter is available online. Wouldn't it then be befitting to also have a link for each Nation so to people can download. Its great though that as usual our father leads the way.

This z great

The God of ou father z great , might n faithful. I thank God so much to keep me strong , n back wrd never fwd ever


Thank you for your Word according to The Lord Our God i felt in my spirit this so right to do let us rejoice and be glad in Him God bless you so much love your brothers and sisters in the Lord muswellbrook assembly NSW Australia fif


Seeking to touch the glory of God this year

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