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Welcome FIFMI Trinidad!

DRUM ROLL!!!! as we introduce the latest addition to the FIFMI family…….baby TRINIDAD has arrived, We are pleased to announce that a healthy bouncing baby has been born in the Port of Spain, Trinidad. Congratulations to Baba & Amai and all the FIFMI world.

Let’s hear how it happened:

Once the church in Guyana was set up and established, the apostles of Jesus Christ heeded the call for the next mission. Going to Trinidad was a difficult journey, but in all that God finally made a way. Upon arrival, the apostles of Jesus Christ together with their team hit the ground running looking for a mission house and a venue. They approached the city council, the community centers and other hotels.

At one time they got a place charging $500 a day but it was not available. Eventually there was a city where everyone was afraid of because of the violence. The taxi driver refused to take us there citing his personal security and the security of his clients (Baba & Amai and team). Baba said I’ve been sent for this kind of people. The taxi driver took us to the top f the mountain so we could see the city but insisted he couldn’t take us there. Baba persisted. He even asked if there was another city with black people and he was told of Port of Spain East, which turned out to be the place he wanted. He went to talk to the local government. While he was waiting another taxi driver connected baba with the manager of the community Centre.

The police even warned baba & amai not to go. After they realized baba wanted to go in regardless, they told him not to display anything like watches, rings, wallets or anything gold and not ask anyone for directions.

Baba told the police that he was bad too so he’s here to tell the people that he has something to offer to those kind of people on drugs etc.

Baba & Amai have been to different parts of the world and have seen police in those places but this particular area, they saw armed police unlike the other places. Baba said I’ve been sent to these kind of people.

Upon looking for a venue, most places had summer camps, weekly activities and they were full. Baba prayed and cried real tears asking God for a meeting place. It was very touching and moving causing the other team members to pray earnestly for a place. The one place opened up.

Baby FIFMI Trinidad has a membership 12 adults who all received Jesus with all their hearts. These include the manager of the community Centre. He has even given the church a place to store their instruments. The manager has also committed to be a member of FIFMI and has agreed to help us find our own place.

Baba and amai have been providing eats for the fellowship after services. People are bonding with and just feel drawn to Baba & Amai because of the love they have received. They are spending a lot of time counseling and praying for people who have needs and are sick.

Let’s continue to pray for the mission house and a new venue. The same God who did miracles in Guyana and other places can provide these places in Trinidad.


We love you and are praying for you,
Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai

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