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Apostle's Message Rebroadcast Schedule

Rebroadcasts of the Apostles Special Message 2012

Ezekiel TV will be rebroadcasting the Apostle's 2012 Message throughout the ten days of prayer and fasting.  The live broadcast which aired on December, 29th 2011 drew a large international audience who listened to the wisdom of Apostles Drs Ezekiel and Eunor Guti, as they shared the vision for 2012, the year of thanksgiving and praise.  Tune in and watch the rebroadcasts according to the time table below, from now until January 10th.

Daily Rebroadcasts:

Harare/Pretoria London New York Phoenix Sydney Hong Kong
06:00 AM 04:00 AM 11:00 PM 09:00 PM 15:00 PM (3pm) 12:00 PM
12:30 PM 10:30 AM 05:30 AM 03:30 AM 09:30 PM 18:30 PM (6:30pm)
16:00 PM (4pm) 14:00 PM (2pm) 09:00 AM 07:00 AM 01:00 AM 22:00 PM (10pm)
21:00 PM (9pm) 19:00 PM (7pm) 14:00 PM (2pm) 12:00 PM 06:00 AM 03:00 AM

Thanksgiving & praise

U knw guys wen we tok bwt the man of God Dr E.H.Guti t's smthing that z un believable.the things of God jus need 2 folo,t's so amaizin wen we think bwt this man of God he's humble bt wat z in him z great guys.evry wrd tht he speaks has an impact in pple's lives.

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