Founded by Apostle Dr. Ezekiel H. Guti: Over 60 Years and Moving On

Apostles Update Week 10

Dear Friends,
We continue to praise the God of our father Ezekiel for the establishment of His church in Debrecen Hungary. Our Monday prayer on Zoom had 7 gadgets connected. Our deacons in Slovakia are connecting for Monday prayers as well. We believe through your prayers FIF Slovakia will be planted soon. We had two bible study groups established with a maximum of 7 people in attendance. Some of the girls of quality members managed to connect to the international girls' conference which had life-transforming teachings. Our Saturday service was powerful with 16 people in attendance. A powerful word was shared by Elder Ndongwe on "Knowing God", deriving his teachings from the book written by our father Apostle Ezekiel Guti "Two ways of knowing God" the church was blessed and encouraged by the powerful testimonies he shared.
The light of the God of our Father Ezekiel continues to shine bright in Romania. Pastor Jeru and Alina went to minister to a family with a child suffering from substance addiction. They counselled them, prayed with them and taught them about the Kingdom of God. They all received the Word of God with joy and enthusiasm, giving their lives to Christ. Since then their lives have been transformed. They testified that being born again in Christ Jesus has brought deliverance, peace and joy in their family. We thank the God of Ezekiel for His abundant grace. We thank you for your prayer.
Oregon - We continue to thank God for what He is doing in Oregon. The church continues to grow and the believers are more grounded in the Lord, in the church and in our doctrine. Our Sunday service was attended by 28 people. A praise and worship team has been set up and they are all excited. The prayer request is for some of our church members to be released from working on Sundays.
After the declaration of Cambodia as an assembly by Overseer Chizeya, three services have been held. Monday and Wednesday prayer sessions had an attendance of six adults, one young generation and one child. Five members met physically while three others joined online. On Sunday the eight members joined Thailand for the main church service. As we thank God for allowing his work to start in Cambodia, we kindly ask for prayers for more souls to come to Christ.
We thank the God of our father Apostle E.H. Guti for His goodness. Our Sunday service at the Marrakesh assembly registered a good attendance of 28 adults and 11 children. The church was greatly encouraged by a powerful message on the grace of God. In Casablanca, 22 individuals attended the service. Our two Bible study groups on Wednesday and Saturday were well attended.
We want to thank the God of our father Archbishop Ezekiel Guti for His goodness towards us. Guyana Forward in Faith is marching on. Midweek services continue to grow in attendance and participation of all saints and leaders. The word was very inspiring and motivating, it allowed us to seek the will of God. On Sunday the move of God was amazing. The bible study was led by Deacon Sherry-Ann Lewis and the word was ministered by Deacon Rose Daniels. After church leaders went to members' shops as they requested prayer for the starting of a new business, the visit continued to another Elder’s house since she was not feeling well. We met with her and prayed. We thank our father and Mother Professors Ezekiel and Eunor Guti for their love.
The God of Ezekiel has continued to show himself strong in our nation. We were happy to welcome new members and our weekly programs went on well with good attendance. On Thursday we had a powerful ladies' meeting and Elder Mutya was the speaker. Many ladies testified that their lives will never be the same again. On Saturday the youth had an empowering career guidance teaching from the youth advisors. On Sunday we had an attendance of 55 people, with 12 adults and two children attending onsite. During bible study elder Clive taught powerfully on home talents and encouraged the saints to take part. Our spirits are stirred up as a nation and we are ready to work. Later elder Mutya shared a life-changing word on the fear of God. The power of God fell in the place and people went to be prayed for. Surely our lives will never be the same again. Thank you for your prayers, we ask that you continue praying for us so that the saints may grasp the vision of the church.
We bless the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are on our second Sunday after welcoming our Missionaries from Zimbabwe Johannes and Tracy Kativhu Danga. The powerful word of God was preached and four people who were under demonic oppression were released in the name of Jesus Christ. A topic from the book Sunday morning lecturer written by our father, “How to stay free after deliverance” was used to teach the church by our Pastor Johannes on the second Sunday for the benefit of those who were delivered and Pastor Tracy proceeded with her topic Discipleship on this second Sunday. We request your prayers since the door is now open for us to hold open crusades we are preparing to hold the first one in Walea. Pray that God uses our Pastor and the lined-up preachers to harvest souls for the kingdom of God and for the demonstration of power in this non-Christian nation. We also continue to believe for the purchase of a spacious, decent and affordable place of Worship that is accommodative and comfortable to all classes of people. Thank you for always praying for us.
We held a successful National FAMB Leadership Seminar hosted by our national Bishop Timothy and Dr. Hilda Nchunga in Gaborone, Botswana. The seminar commenced on the 17 to the 18th of March 2023 and was graced by the International FAMB Directors Hilary and Jestina Nyakutya and the FAMB Pastors Board Secretary in Zimbabwe, DP Ben Chawadya being our speakers who put FAMB structures in place and other local presenters shared on various topics. Delegates were excited to be equipped and enlightened on this groundbreaking FAMB seminar! Botswana will never be the same again.
Male Pastors - We want to thank the God of our father Ezekiel who gave us the grace to hold a successful Male Pastors' prayer retreat in Bindura from the 15th-16th of March 2023. Our attendance reached 350. Dr. La-Verne and her team led the male Pastors to digest Isaiah 58 as well as encouraging the working of home talents. We witnessed a great move of the Holy Spirit and several men testified on how the whole chapter is transforming their lives and many pledged to go and make it right with people with whom they had begrudged. As men, we are geared up to keep the fire burning as we move to impart the same spirit to MOI in our respective provinces, districts and regions.
Bulawayo North - We held a big Sunday on the 19th of March 2023. Our speakers were Overseer Eddie Mushangwe and Pastor Kudakwashe Gwarimbo. Choirs from all districts took turns singing before the word. Total attendance was 1395.  Amongst the congregation were high-ranking government officials and dignitaries. 33 people gave their lives to Christ, mainly young people. many were healed and delivered. We were surprised that we filled the auditorium as a new province, the same way we used to fill it when we were still together with Bulawayo West Province.
Harare Young Generation - We hosted a successful YG 1 and 2 leadership Seminar from the 17th to the 19th of March 2023 with 320 leaders from Greater Harare, Chivhu and Norton. The Children's Church International Director Pastor Dope and a team of ministry Pastors, T. Maduche and B. Chigwenhembe were the guest speakers. Teachings were on Leadership and knowing why teenagers come to church. A total of 17 children gave their lives to Jesus. The chairpersons prayed for the sick and God healed them.
Gweru - We held a successful children's conference (Positive Character Building for Adolescents) in Mkoba with 308 children attending. Speakers taught on Salvation, Peer pressure, Drug and substance abuse, Sexual abuse, the effects of music and technology as well as deliverance. 101 Children received Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Many children were healed and delivered from drug abuse, and homosexuality among others. We discovered that children are going through a lot and the grace of God is needed in their lives.
GOQ - From the 16th - 19th March 2023 the Girls Ministry held their annual International Girls Leadership Seminar at Ezekiel Guti Conference Centre Harare. The conference was hybrid with up to 3600 physical attendees and online delegates. The conference was blessed with a panel of gifted speakers including Pastor Nyasha Guti, Overseer Eunice Matsikenyere, Senior Pastor Gift Ranga, Evangelist Tapiwa Runyowa, Overseer Chandiringa and the GOQ International Director Pastor Ruth Basa.12 girls gave their lives to Christ. Notably, a girl who had breast milk coming out of her for years was delivered. It was an amazing conference and God ministered to the girl child. 
Harare North - We concurrently held Go Quickly and MOI Big Sundays on the 19th of March 2023. The Go Quickly Big Sunday was graced by the Go Quickly International Director Dr. La-Verne Simukai with over 500 ladies attending. 4 people received Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, 45 received the baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues and 125 people were delivered and many were healed. 168 men attended the Big Sunday and it was graced by Overseer Dr. W. Jaricha as our speaker. 3 men gave their lives to Jesus. 183 were prayed for. We thank God for the powerful Big Sundays and Harare North will never be the same again.
Kwekwe - Mbizo Miracle City District: we want to thank the God of our father Ezekiel Guti for a successful Family Builders Weekend which we held from the 17th to the 19th of March. There was a great turnout and families came in large numbers as a unit of parents and children. We also had many visitors from other denominations who came to fellowship together with us. There was braai and a lot of food, some even carried meat home.
Mutare- In obedience to the guidance received from the visionary, Mutare Province launched the Adolescents Ministry on the 19th of March 2023 spearheaded by the Provincial Overseer working with both the Child Evangelism and the Youth Ministry structures in the province. Around 700 adolescents came together at the Provincial Centre. After the provincial overseer shared 68 adolescents received Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and around 480 adolescents repented from various addictions and habits and were delivered. We thank our father Apostle E.H Guti for a vision that carries the answers to the problems of this generation.
Seke East - Through the leadership of Overseers Chakodzonga we held a provincial big Sunday in Dema on the 19th of March 2023. The church grounds were packed with 1209 people including dignitaries from the local leadership and other churches. Apostle Dr. Gudyanga preached the kingdom of God and people experienced different miracles and deliverance. A total of 101 people surrendered their lives to Christ.
We thank God for the vision of prayer retreats which is being implemented all over the globe anchored on Isaiah 58. Ladies are introspecting and repenting leading to deliverance from bitterness, anger, unforgiveness and many other challenges. In Oman, 8 ladies were logged on to the zoom platform with Pastor Winnie Nzou facilitating, similarly, in Lesotho, Pastor Sarah Ngorima was ministering to them online. In the USA and Canada, they were also moving in the vision. Women in Europe were not going to be left out as Pastor Bella Kasese and Pastor Shami Mwale were gathered with those in Yorkshire, England. Those from the Schengen region met in Belgium with Overseer Ann Forest as the speaker. In all these places great deliverance took place and the prayer retreats ended with powerful teaching on Home Talents. Ladies were revived, provoked, refreshed, excited and equipped to go and work Home Talents.
Please be advised that our office will no longer be accepting Apostles Update reports sent on WhatsApp to the number +263 777 28 20 92. To ensure the publication of your report kindly email it to by 2pm (Central African Time) on Mondays. You are welcome to contact our office on +263 775 83 19 21 for alternative arrangements or further assistance.
This week:
  1. Thanking God for the Servant and Apostles of God, Prof Ezekiel H. & Prof. Eunor Guti that He continues to strengthen them and allows them time to rest. May grace abound for all that He has put on their hearts to do in 2023. Thanking God for the continued success of the mission in Chitungwiza.
  2. Thanking God for the NEC Apostle Dr. Joe Guti, the SG Apostle Mishael Nyambo, and the DSG Apostle Dr. Steve Simukai that God gives them wisdom as they carry out their assignments.
  3. Thanking God for the Zone 1 Deeper Life Conference to be held in South Africa. May God anoint the speakers and protect His people throughout the conference.
  4. Thanking God for Home Talents (Kingdom Wealth Creation) that everyone understands and participates. May businesses flourish and people get new ideas as God reveals to them.
  5. Thanking God for recovery in all the places that have been affected by inclement weather, hurricanes and cyclones.
  6. Thanking God for giving success to the long-term and short-term missionaries. Thanking God for providing suitable meeting places and favorable prices as the FIFMI churches continue to grow. Thanking God for the registration process of FIFMI Thailand, Egypt, Morocco, Hungary, and Romania.
  7. Thanking God for your nation.
If you are gifted, you are in trouble. There’s a lot of temptation around you to make you fall. Know your father and don’t allow everyone to help you - have one person. Let others talk but don’t take everything. Fight with your nature. The problem that takes away blessings from us is with the flesh. God sees the heart that you are honest and faithful and you don’t want to sin...... God bless you.
We love you and are praying for you,
Apostle Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai
ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.
+263 777 282 356, +263 777 282 092

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