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Apostles Update Week 14

Dear Friends,
We continue to thank the God of our father Apostle Ezekiel Guti for the great works He is doing in Hungary. Our Monday online prayer had 9 devices connected on Zoom. We now have two home cell groups one had 11 people in attendance and the second had 6 people with 1 visitor from Laos. We started an online Bible study group with our members in Slovakia 4 people were connected. Our Sunday service was so powerful, 9 people were in attendance, and 1 visitor from the Caribbean. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers.
We are so thankful to the God of Ezekiel for His faithfulness, we are witnessing the great hand of God here in Morocco. A new bible study group has been opened in Marrakesh and it had 11 members. People were so excited and eager to study the word of God. On Wednesday the other Bible study group ended up in prayer as the word of God brought deliverance to one of our sisters. On Friday, we had our Go Quickly Prayer retreat with 24 persons from both Casablanca and Marrakech. Great deliverance took place and many ladies testified of how the Lord set them free from unforgiveness, spiritual husbands, and fornication among other things. There was great joy at the end of the retreat. Many did not want to dismiss. We saw the hand of God.
Sunday, Marrakech had 32 in attendance and the word was so powerful, strengthening the church of God as we began to teach the History of our Church. 
It was another blessed Sunday in Casablanca. All the weekly meetings were well attended. We really thank God for your prayers for us. 
The God of Ezekiel has continued to show His faithfulness in our nation. This week we had our first-ever Resurrection Conference hosted by the Youth Ministry. Our speakers were pastors Daisy and Babalo Arosi from South Africa. On Friday night we had 35 people in attendance and deacon Wenyasha was the forerunner. After that pastor Daisy spoke powerfully. Saturday afternoon, the youth met physically for fellowship and some fun activities. On Saturday evening, we had 36 people in attendance. The forerunner was sister Lorene followed by Pastor Babalo. Sunday was another powerful day, we had 57 people in attendance, 38 people online, and 18 adults and two children onsite. The speaker was deacon Zinyandu. We had Holy Communion and then fellowship over some eats. There is a sweet spirit in our midst and the youth are on fire for the things of God. We managed to hold elections and a new youth board was elected, glory to God, surely Thailand FIF is marching on. Thank you for continuing to pray for us as we pray for you.
We give thanks and praise to the God of our father Apostle Ezekiel Guti for an awesome week of activities. The Go Quickly and Tell Ladies had a powerful 2 day Prayer Retreat hosted by our Pastor Florence Simango. Our Keynote Speaker was Pastor Talent Mayemu (UK) who ministered on Isaiah 58 so powerfully. Many Ladies from other churches in Barbados also attended. The attendance was very good. The sessions were interactive. All the Ladies responded and repented. Indeed our lives will never be the same again. Our Sunday Service was powerful. Deacon Martika led the Devotions zealously. We heard and received the Word shared by Brother Calvert in Bible Study and the ministry of the Word by Dr. David Simango.
Please continue to pray for us as we pray for you.
We are thankful to the God of Apostle Ezekiel Guti who is leading and guiding us. Our Monday Prayer and fasting is growing as more than 22 gadgets logged in for prayer this past week. Tuesday had 21 ladies logged on for the ladies' meeting and men joined together for the Launch of Men of Integrity at the National Level on the 11th of April with six men in attendance. Powerful bible study groups ensued on Wednesday with 27 gadgets logged in nationwide. Our Friday all night in the mother church was punctuated by deliverance as Pastor Victory taught. Mango Creek had a fire Friday service with Pastor Leacock ministering.
The Leadership charge session introduced every Sunday for City Elders and Deacons before the service started was very interesting and empowering as we continued to learn our roles and responsibilities as leaders. We had wonderful services this Sunday 16 April 2023 across our assemblies and our numbers have increased. This week we were 76 people across the nation of which the city assembly contributed almost half the people in attendance.
Our Sunday service was awesome we received powerful preaching from our Elder Lely Cyprien and 3 people gave their lives to Christ. We had powerful praise and worship using our new instruments which the God of our father Professor Ezekiel H Guti blessed us with. Attendance was 137 people. Thank you so much for your prayers. Continue to pray for God to bless us with our own stand for the church building.
Tana - On the 9th April, we had a big Sunday celebrating Passover at the new assembly we have opened called Nanisana. We had an attendance of 49 local people, 6 children, and 43 adults. April 16th, on our first regular Sunday at the new Nanisana Assembly, we had a total of 19 local people and at the Ankazomanga assembly there were 12 people attending. We had Holy Communion and a big Sunday Fellowship and people enjoyed spending time together. A lady had strong headaches coming to church but got healed at the service. 
Fort Dauphin - We thank God that the Assemblies (Ambinanibe, Ilafitsinana, Ampasy) are growing and the believers are eager and participate in the project of the church such as repairing chairs, fellowship, anniversary celebration, and more. In the City assembly, we have managed to put the system of Home Cell Group and now we have 6 Cells operating effectively. 
During the months of March and April, the Men of Integrity had their first Mountain Prayer Retreat and we had 7 men attending. The ladies on their side had a day of fasting and prayer and we thank God 12 ladies attended. We see growth in the attendance of Tuesday Prayer and we thank God that during the month of March, we managed to establish a new assembly in Maromitsioka with 17 adults and 30 kids. We are asking your prayers for God to give us more leaders and a good place for worship in that area. We thank God for a powerful big Sunday where Pastor Jhinna taught the History of the Church and a powerful preaching by Pastor Parfait. We had an attendance of 138 people. 
Testimonies :
  • One lady in Maromitsioka who was ill for many weeks received her healing after being prayed for and decided to be part of the church. She is not missing a service since that time. 
  • A girl was sick with Malaria but after prayer, she received her healing instantly. 
  • One lady had a severe headache but when she prayed unto the God of Ezekiel she got healed.
  • One Deacon prayed to God to start a business. God opened a way to give her money and she is now starting her tailoring business.
We appreciate your support in prayer. 
We thank the God of our father, the Apostle and Servant of the God, Archbishop Ezekiel Guti for the weeks of prayer retreats we had. We had as facilitators; Reverend Lisa Jabangwe and Pastor Victoria Mabwe for the female pastors in Maputo. For elders and deacons retreats nationwide, we had; Pastors Elvis and Ruvimbo Chinyere, DPs Solomon and Sara Ngorima, Pastors Zivanai and Gloria Gwande, DPs Stephen and Miriam Chikari, Pastors Abel and Beverly Zhou, DPs Tadios and Getrude Mudzingo, DPs Rachel and Gift Tembo, Pastors Francis and Nyasha Mbengo, this team was mightily used by God. We are very grateful to our international headquarters for sending us good facilitators. We had good participation in every corner of the country, where the book of Isaiah was the main guide of the retreat. People gave their lives to Jesus and that was positive, our life will never be the same.
Lilongwe City Assembly held a Ministerial Sunday where MOI, Go Quickly and Tell, Young Adults and Children's church met separately. Attendance was 20 Go Quickly ladies, 14 MOI, 28 children, and 9 Young adults and youths. MOI held discussions under Baba's teaching Men Must Lead and Men Must Think, while ladies encouraged each other to continue working on Home Talents. Noting the significance of Ministerial Services, MOI agreed to hold such kinds of meetings regularly. Lilongwe is thankful to the Visionaries, our father and mother Apostles Ezekiel and Eunor Guti, for setting up various Ministries as they are a fountain of life-transforming teachings.
Bulawayo - We want to thank the God of our father Archbishop Professor Ezekiel H Guti for the success of a life-changing Young Generation Leadership seminar which was held from 15 to 16 April 2023. We had our Children's Church International Directors P and R Dope as guest speakers. We also had professionals Elder Mhlanga, and Elder G. Maphosa presenting on Drug / Substance abuse as well as Adolescence. Pastor I. Mukwindidza and Zonal Pastor B. Mthupha were also among the facilitators. There were 267 YG leaders in attendance. Presentations on the dangers of drug and substance abuse, leadership, giving, prayer, and soul-winning among other topics were covered. About 200 of the delegates rededicated their lives to the Lord, and 44 received the Lord Jesus Christ. Saturday night we had dinner with the directors.
Tambourine training led by a team that came with our directors for 55 children and 12 teachers was also done concurrently with the leadership seminar. Indeed, this was a seminar to remember. Zone 5 is moving on and we are asking you to keep praying for us to improve our standards in line with the vision of our father.
Please be advised that our office will no longer be accepting Apostles Update reports sent on WhatsApp to the number +263 777 28 20 92. To ensure the publication of your report kindly email it to by 2pm (Central African Time) on Mondays. You are welcome to contact our office on +263 775 83 19 21 for alternative arrangements or further assistance.
This week:
  1. Thanking God for the Servant and Apostles of God, Prof Ezekiel H. & Prof. Eunor Guti that He continues to strengthen them and allows them time to rest. May grace abound for all that He has put on their hearts to do in 2023. Thanking God for the continued success of the mission in Chitungwiza. Thanking God for giving them strength during the just-ended Elders' Deeper Life Conference. Thanking God as they host the Deacons' Deeper Life Conference from Tuesday, April 18-23, 2023 in Harare and all the Zonal Deeper Life Conferences around Zimbabwe.
  2. Thanking God for the NEC Apostle Dr. Joe Guti, the SG Apostle Mishael Nyambo, and the DSG Apostle Dr. Steve Simukai that God gives them wisdom as they carry out their assignments.
  3. Thanking God for the great success of the Harare Elders Deeper Life Conference held last week. God spoke through all the speakers and lives were transfor.
  4. Thanking God for the Harare Deacons Deeper Life Conference to be held at the Ezekiel Guti Conference Centre in Harare from Tuesday, April 17 - 23, 2023. May God anoint the speakers and enable leaders to attend.
  5. Thanking God for Home Talents (Kingdom Wealth Creation) that everyone understands and participates. May businesses flourish and people get new ideas as God reveals to them.
  6. Thanking God for giving success to the long-term and short-term missionaries. Thanking God for providing suitable meeting places and favorable prices as the FIFMI churches continue to grow. Thanking God for the registration process of FIFMI Thailand, Egypt, Morocco, Hungary, and Romania.
  7. Thanking God for your nation.
Connect with people who fear God. Exercise Self-control. As a leader, people are watching you. You produce your own kind. The way you walk or talk is what you will produce. Your life not what you preach is what you produce. People watch your life, how you pray, and how you do things and they become like you.
Learn to control your body and be busy all the time so you don’t have idle time. Then you can enjoy the blessings of God, the sweetness of God in your spirit...God bless you.
We love you and are praying for you,
Apostle Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai
ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.
+263 777 282 356, +263 777 282 092

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