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Apostles Update Week 20


Dear Friends, 

What an awesome God we serve. Apostle Eunor and the delegation for the 2014 Today's Woman Israel tour have all arrived back home safely. The group was made up of people from UK, Belize, Australia, New Zealand, USA, South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. We praise God for journey mercies and a wonderful tour. It sure was life-changing and the bible came alive. Here are some miracles that took place during the tour:

Miracles at Pool of Bethesda:

  1. 2 Israeli men where watching as the people prayed and thanked God and when the invitation to receive Christ was given they gave their lives to The Lord. 
  2. Lady from Engalnd who walked with a crutch for years because of a bad back was healed and no longer needed her crutch...
  3. A lady with a pain in her neck was prayed for and healed.
  4. A lady who was using two crutches to walk around was healed and was able to walk using no crutches at all... 
  5. One of the guides who was experiencing neck pains was prayed for by mama and was healed. He did not have any more pain the rest of the trip. 

Lazarus' Tomb: 

Many women who were barren for many years were prayed for to receive children. There was an intense time of prayer as people pressed in to receive their miracle. 

Miracles on mount Carmel: 

  1. Lady who dreamed she ate something and that something was moving in the stomach is now healed and the movement is gone
  2. A lady who could not forgive her mother in law was prayed for and told she would be surprised when the mother law would now be kind to her.
  3. A lady with a pain on her left side when breathing was prayed for and she was able to move around and breathe normally after the fire of God touched her. 


Attendance was 9 as some people had gone to vote during the current elections and some were at work, The visitor from last Sunday gave her life to the Lord Praise God.


The UK National Youth organised a Mission Trip to Rome last week which was a great success and revived the Church in Rome. Our main focus was to see the believers there and encourage them by having a revival. We took 15 Youths with us and one youth advisor. We had a revival at the Refugee Camp and 5 people gave their lives to Christ and attended Sunday Service. We also ministered to a few individuals on the streets and 3 received Jesus on the street. We give glory to the God of our Father. By just seeing and experiencing what goes on in the Mission field the Youth were motivated to raise money for Missions and they came back with a burden to buy Musical Instruments for the Church in Rome. We pray that it will soon come to pass.


Good news we found a suitable tent for the new assembly we will be planting soon. We will set up the structure this week. We had a wonderful Sunday service were the Spirit of The Lord moved in an extra ordinary way. Two people gave their lives to Christ. For the first time we now have an African as a member of our church, a nurse at the biggest hospital, and we believe many will follow her. We had 38 people in attendance. The church was also encouraged by the testimony of one of our sisters who went to Israel the bible became so real. 


14 people attended the service. We had three new faces in our midst. People experience more peace by worshiping the Lord. We are seeing more hunger for the Word of God because the speaker is very convincing of the love God has for us. We thank the Lord for his great presence in our midst. The power of prayer is being more and more discovered. Hallelujah.
On Sunday we had an attendance of 12 members just continue to pray for the protection of our lives and the saints, from the the uprise which is here.


Another Anniversary report:

FIFMI Fiji celebrated the 54th anniversary with so much joy. attendance was 15 adults and 10 kids on Friday night. 40 adults and 24 kids on Saturday converged at My Suva Park; 11 people were water baptized and a bar-b-que followed. Sunday morning 28 people participated in the march from the city grounds to our church venue with hilarious singing of the famous "Huyai Mose..(come all of you..) in English and Fijian languages. People gave testimonies of how they came to FIFMI and what they have seen in the God of Ezekiel. Some gave testimonies in tears. Our six groups presented special musical items. Total attendance was 51. We also shared together the special anniversary cake. Our God is a good God.





This week:


  1. Pray for the Servant and Apostles of God, Drs Ezekiel & Eunor Guti that God always gives them divine strength. Baba & Amai have more board meetings this week - pray for wisdom and revelation. Pray for them as they will meet with the  National Council this Wednesday in Harare, Zimbabwe. Baba and Amai have conferences coming up in June and July in other countries, so let's pray for the visas required. 
  2. Praise God for the success of the 2014 Today's Woman Israel tour - lives were changed and people received different kinds of miracles. Praise God everyone made it back home safely.
  3. Pray for the Mbuya Dorcas Hospital equipment for the kitchen and the general wards to arrive on time. Pray for safe passage and no delays. 
  4. Pray for the continued growth for the churches in Gibraltar, Turkey and Cuba. Pray for the visa processing of the team going to Cuba.
  5. The Singapore church registration papers are now in the registrar general's office. This is the final stage. Let's pray the process moves smoothly
  6. Praise God we now have a meeting place for the church in Omaha, Nebraska. God is good. Pray for few renovations that need to be done in the place - erection of some walls, flooring, painting and curtaining and that God provides the finances. Praise God for the tent found for the second assembly in Belize. Pray for the setting up. Pray for protection as the hurricane season comes.
  7. Pray for protection for the church in Bangkok, Thailand.



We do talents using cash not credits. During talents some people leave the church and come back when talents are finished. That's just mere ignorance and a serious spirit of poverty. Allow yourself to be taught. No one is kicked out from church for not working talents. This church is a good church it teaches you how to make money.Those that are well advanced in the school of talents should teach those who are new to talents as that's the way of the ministry and Christianity. In business you first of all need to do a comprehensive and intense market research. Grow yourself and the business, teach yourself and improve your strategies. Ideas must grow. These two years of  home talents should train us so that by 2016 we should not be looking for what to do but we should be in business already.

When doing business you save money for rainy days. Teach yourself to save. Just like in the days of Joseph in Egypt, he saved food for seven years in preparation for the seven years of famine. In times of abundance we should keep some revenue for the coming years so that we have some capital to boost up our business incase of hardships. Once we are in business we will not have to sell properties or take our salaries to give as talents. In talents we do business and give the profit. We are favored by God to be in a church that teaches us to become business people and live better lives. God bless you.

We love you and are praying for you,
Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai

ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.

+263 779 715 481,  +263 777 282 356 |




School of Talents and soul winning

Glory to God of Ezekiel!!! His faithfulness endues forever!!!

Baba ndinotenda

I was fired from my work place on Monday 10/11/14. I believed that my employer should forget my firing just like what you teach us in the book of history that your employer forgot that they had fired you. on Wednesday 12/11/14 my employer called me to apologize that he had erred and begged me to report back for work. Glory to God of Ezekiel Handinawangu Guti. Ndiye Mwari wazvokwadi uyu. Thank you Baba

Thank you baba

Thank you so much baba for teaching us to clean our hearts during the prayer convention. My life was transformed I f am new and healed all my wounds Mari akuchengetei baba Elder Rufaro


Thanks for the update.Glory be to the Most High God.It's so encouraging to know how the LORD is using his servants and apostles to spread his word,and how they are being accepted in the countries where He has sent them.

God is good. I thank the

God is good. I thank the Lord for Baba and Amai Guti. Great leaders of our time. Baba and amai your teachings are practical. Thank you for your teachings which gives us realy joy in our marriages and families.

Thank you so much for the

Thank you so much for the teaching. I am glad and highly blessed to be in a church which teaches, not only the Gospel of Christ leading to eternal life, but also practical principles to living this life comfortably and to enjoy it through the working and using of our hands. God bless His manservant, Ezekiel Handinawangu Guti


Our God is an awesome God.

Thanks alot

We bless the God of our father for such great and awesome news of His doings, He is not limited, He is in the business of making His people better. We keep holding and lifting our hands for Baba and Mama. God continue to strengthen you. Elder Munjalu.

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