Founded by Apostle Dr. Ezekiel H. Guti: Over 60 Years and Moving On

Apostles Update Week 42

Dear Friends,
Happy 62nd Anniversary ZAOGA FIFMI!!
The grace of God was on us, as witnessed by a steady attendance of 2200 on Thursday to a high of 6500+ on Sunday during the just-ended Zimbabwe National Youth Conference (NYC). The conference was held in the new 8000 seater. In accordance with the guidance from our father that the Youth be involved in mainline Church activities, the success of this conference is credited to planning by Youths, including all the 36 provincial Youth chairpersons with some guidance came from the Youth Advisors and Pastors. God miraculously increased the seemingly little food that it sufficed for all the delegates. Some delegates from Zambia, UK, Lesotho and Mozambique graced the conference. Holy Spirit infilling, Career guidance and Deliverance sessions ran throughout the conference, including exhibitions for banking and professional qualifications aimed at Youths. The general objective was to instill good morals and virtues in the Youths of ZAOGA FIF. 170 youths spoke in tongues for the first time, through the Holy Spirit. Several were delivered from spiritual bondage.
To cap it, our father the Apostle and Servant of God Prof Ezekiel Guti, graced the conference on the Saturday night service and the Sunday service. His message included that when the Kingdom of God comes, all elements of darkness such as witchcraft and mysterious experiences just vanish on their own. He also encouraged the youths to shun fornication and exercise self-control. What an honor it was to have our father with us. One hundred and fourteen youths gave their lives to Christ.
Oregon - We had yet another exciting Sunday service. We thank God that all the people we started with continue to come and are testifying that they are experiencing the presence of God in our services. Sunday attendance was 24 people. 18 adults and youths. Apostle Zenas gave a powerful teaching on Baptism and 9 people are ready to be baptized. We trust that we will be able to go ahead with the Baptism next week. The church has been successfully registered in Oregon and we are in the process of opening a bank account for the Oregon church. Our prayer request is for our members not to work on Sundays and for more people to come.
We want to thank God for allowing us to partake in the grace of working 2022 Covenant Kingdom Talents as a nation. Many people grasped the teaching of Talents by starting businesses and working with their hands. Talents has opened many people's eyes, causing our believers to experience the benefits of serving this God of our Father Apostle Ezekiel Guti. In all our assemblies we are receiving new people in this start of the new semester as others are also leaving after finishing university. Hence, our numbers are ranging from 200 to 250 in Lefkosa; 80 to 100 in Lefke, 25 to 40 in Magusa and 20 to 30 in Girne. We also want to thank God for 5 new young Elders who were elected because of the growing work and also per our Father’s teachings to empower young people into leadership. On Saturday we had ladies Big Saturday with teachings on breast cancer awareness. Every Friday Lefkosa assembly is doing evangelism in the streets. Thank you for your continued prayers we are witnessing the faithfulness of the God of our father daily. 
We want to thank the God of our Father Apostle Ezekiel Guti for His goodness toward us and we thank our Father and Mother for blessing us with the lovely Pastors Fanuel and Debra Phiri. We saw the miraculous power of God moving in our midst on Friday as six people gave their life to Christ. One brother who was suffering from diabetes was prayed for by our Pastors and confirmed by the doctors that he no longer has that sickness anymore. We give God thanks and praise for His healing power. On Sunday our children led the service and ministered to us the word, led us in songs and encouragement on education then Pastor Debra ministered to us and many lives were touched and people were prayed for. Continue to pray for us as we trust God to start the building of our Church, amen. 
All glory be to the God of our Father Professor Ezekiel Guti for His faithfulness to us here in Nevis. Our weekly activities continue very well. The attendance is growing strong, praise be to God. Sunday Service was very rich with teachings from our Pastor. Please continue to pray for us as we are seeking to buy property for our Church and Mission house and that the God of our Father will give us favour here in Nevis. Thanks for your prayers as we continue to pray for you also.
Thanks, honour and glory to the God of our Father Apostle Ezekiel Guti who is always with us. His faithfulness is forever sure. This week has been a marvelous week where the teachings were dynamic and impactful. Bible Study on Wednesday was facilitated by Dr. Richard Corbin on the benefits of the Cross. Friday was another explosive night with Overseer Biggy Frank Mhundwa. There were 17 persons in attendance. On Sunday there was a powerful Bible Study teaching on love by Deaconess Crystal Francis. Elder Stephanie Forde shared on the ‘Bigger and Biggest God’. Many believers responded to the altar call and one lady gave her life to Christ. In attendance were 20 adults, 7 children and 9 persons on zoom. Thank you for your prayers, continue to pray for us as we pray for you.
Antananarivo -We really thank the God of our Father Apostle Ezekiel Guti for His constant grace and mercy on our lives. Even though there were a lot of challenges due to financial constraints we managed to keep doing the work fervently. Door-to-door, open-air, fellowship, crusades, prayer retreats and so on. We recently had 62 days of open-air preaching and a lots of conferences such as the Women's conference, Men of integrity's conferences and others. The Young Generation ministry has started this month and they already have upcoming events. People are growing spiritually, financially and in wisdom and understanding of our church. On Sunday 23 local believers managed to attend the service. A powerful word about giving has been shared by Pastor Jedidja. We appreciate your support in prayer.
Makhu – we organized miracles night at Makhu. 23 international students from Jalandhar (Punjab) assembly joined us. They stayed with us for two days and believers at Makhu church opened their homes to them. God supernaturally raised people to give them meals at various places as they helped us to reach new souls under the great commission. They ministered from the word of God and demonstrated the power of God as result 20 people received Jesus as their personal savior. There was great joy of the lord during the whole service as the Lord confirmed the gospel of the kingdom of God with signs and wonders. Outstanding testimonies.
  • One family asked pastor James to pray for their son who left the house. He came back within one day, we give all the glory to God of our father.
  • 5 women were delivered from evil spirits.
  • One new believer received Jesus Christ and the very next day he provided breakfast for the international students.
Okahanja - We want to thank the God of Ezekiel for the success of our 2022 Kingdom Covenant Talents and the closing celebration of our National Centre Talents in Osona Okahandja, Namibia on Sunday 16 October 2022. More than 250 adults, including 5 pastors and overseers and our national Bishops MU and UM Uanguta, traveled with great joy and excitement to step foot for the first time on the strategically located plot where our national centre will be built.
Others were celebrating in their provinces while others joined on Zoom. Testimonies were shared:
  • A woman who started working talents selling lollipops and managed to start her own hair salon business after God blessed her financially.
  • Another woman learned to make jewelry and was able to buy a sewing machine with the money from selling jewelry to expand her talents business.
  • An elderly woman started with 1 cow and God grew her cattle to 5. She joyfully gave 1 cattle toward the National Centre Covenant Kingdom Talents
  • A man testified through working talents and the support of the church leadership he will never go back to poverty again and he has grasped how to control money. 
  • A young man who was not part of Forward in Faith who came to help clear the area where we pitched the tents for the service ended up giving his life to Jesus during the Sunday service.
The celebration ended with a delicious feast and a prayer over the borehole for a lot of water for when the building of the national centre begins. Forward in Faith Namibia will never be the same.
Windhoek - We thank the God of our Father who allowed FIF youth of Namibia to host a National Youth Seminar with guest speakers Pastors Bright and Rejoice Samundombe (National Youth Directors of RSA). All 5 provinces gathered in Windhoek and at the peak of the conference, the highest number was 205. Our national Youth Pastors DPs Ishmael and Sylvia Komeheke were also among the speakers along with other locals. A variety of topics were covered and many people were prayed for and delivered from the spirit of poverty, anti-marriage, and the spirit of hardship and toiling in life. 8 people gave their lives to Christ and many people were filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. Glory to God.
Waterfalls East - We want to thank the God of our Father Archbishop Ezekiel Guti for granting us grace to hold a crusade at Mutamba Shopping Center from the 20th to the 23rd of October with Evangelist A and N Maziriri as our Speakers. Attendance rose from 200 to 339. A total of 140 souls gave their lives to Jesus Christ, including one Muslim. 45 people were filled with the Holy Spirit and 50 people were water baptized. Some miracles:
  • A CEO of a big company gave us the venue for the Crusade for free and he also gave his life to Jesus Christ together with his Assistant.
  • A child who was on Oxygen was prayed for and was totally healed and was no longer on oxygen. The mother brought him to the crusade the following day to testify.
  • A mother who was deaf and dumb was prayed for and instantly began both to hear and to speak for the first time.
  • 4 people who had leg challenges since the time they had been involved in accidents were healed, began to run and gave testimony, One of them who had a leg that was shorter than the other testified that her leg stretched back to normal. 
  • 7 other people with leg challenges began to run after receiving their healing. 
  • 4 people had their eyesight restored.
  • 2 people were delivered from marine spirits.
  • 5 people who had been initiated into witchcraft were set free and 2 people who were tormented by goblins were set free. 
  • 6 people were delivered from spiritual wives and spiritual husbands.
  • 13 people were healed and delivered from Hypertension and many people were healed and delivered from ailments such as sugar diabetes, heart palpitations and asthma
We give glory to the God of our Father.
Marondera - We would like to thank the God of our Father Professor Ezekiel H. Guti for a successful Information Publicity and Media Workshop as Child Evangelism held from the 21st - 23rd of October 2022 at Karumazondo Outdoor Centre in Marondera. 41 delegates were in attendance from Chinhoyi, Chivhu, Harare, Kwekwe, Mutare, Rusape, Marondera and Zvishavane. The Media Workshop was graced with the presence of EGEA Director Pastor Doreen Masiyanise, Pastor LaDonna Beverly Rusere and Elder Leonard Madyagwayi as our facilitators who delivered powerful anointed teachings on Media Visibility, Effective Communication, Content Creation, Design Software, Report Writing, Marketing Skills among other topics. Emphasis was placed on the quality and nature in which our branding material is expected to follow: Content creation was encouraged so as to develop programs that would benefit the children as they watch on Ezekiel TV. There was great jubilation on the last day as members showcased what they had learned throughout the workshop in fulfilling the vision God gave to His servant and Apostle. Indeed, we serve a mighty God and we do believe that through these kinds of workshops our ministry will be a force to be reckoned with and will never remain the same again. Glory to the God of our Father.
Binga - We would like to thank the God of our Father Archbishop Ezekiel H. Guti for doing great things. We had a crusade at Nalubuyu 30km from Binga centre from the 20th to 23rd of October led by the Binga local mother church evangelical team. The attendance ranged from 513 to 720. We harvested 103 souls to Christ. 62 are candidates for water baptism. Many miracles took place: 
  • 66 were delivered from demonic oppression. 
  • 18 who had allergy problems were set free.
  • A certain lady who could not eat salads and sugar for 2 years was prayed for and she confirmed her healing.
  • 21 of the attendees were delivered from nose bleeding problems. 
  • 19 people were delivered from leg problems to God be the glory. 
  • A certain child could not sleep well but after prayer, he can now sleep well.
  • One man and 27 ladies were delivered from marriage issues.
  • More than 5 children who suffered from nightmares were set free.
  • 20 people were delivered from chest pains.
  • Many people were delivered from spiritual husbands and the spirit of witchcraft.
We give God the glory.
Please be advised that our office will no longer be accepting Apostles Update reports sent on WhatsApp to the number +263 777 28 20 92. To ensure the publication of your report kindly email it to by 2pm (Central African Time) on Mondays. You are welcome to contact our office on +263 775 83 19 21 for alternative arrangements or further assistance.
This week:
  1. Thanking God for the Servant and Apostles of God, Prof Ezekiel H. & Dr. Eunor Guti that He gives them strength and wisdom every day for the growing work. May God give them grace for the Executive and National Council Meetings to be held this Tuesday, October 25-27, 2022. Thanking God for the continued success of the mission in Chitungwiza.
  2. Thanking God for the Executive and National Council Meetings to be held this Tuesday, October 25-27, 2022 at AMFCC Harare, Zimbabwe. Thanking God for journey mercies to and from the meetings.
  3. Thanking God for the Covenant Kingdom Talents. May God continue to do miracles as people celebrate what God has enabled them to give. We give glory to God for what He has done so far. #FinalPush, #FinishStrong.
  4. Thanking God that the new FIFMI churches continue to grow and those who need buildings/meeting places to be able to find them with favorable prices. Thanking God for the registration process of FIFMI Thailand.
  5. Thanking God for your nation.
Talents is a school where you are trained on how to do business and become an entrepreneur. Therefore, we go for attachment, to practice what we have been taught, and thereafter do our own, God blessing us. 
We then use the same method we used during attachment with the same dedication when doing Home Talents. What worries me is that after talents for God’s project, people just sit and do nothing, but we have to work as hard when we are working home talents. When you have your own project now, this is when you can then partner with God and give tithes, and as you do that your life becomes more and more blessed. God bless you.
We love you and are praying for you,
Apostle Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai
ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.
+263 777 282 356, +263 777 282 092
"The Love Of

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