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Apostles Update Week 50

Dear Friends,  
Happy 62nd Anniversary ZAOGA FIFMI!!
We have a few days to go - Jesus is the reason for the season! It is about Jesus. Let Jesus reign in our celebrations.
This week and next week we will take a look at some of the events of 2022 as we give God praise for His faithfulness.
As is custom to ZAOGA FIFMI at the beginning of every year people meet in the different nations all over the world as prayers and worship are lifted up throughout the Ten Days of Prayer and Fasting. 2022 was no different, many were camped in their churches, at the Bindura Mountain and some even in their homes. God was at work setting people free, reviving lives, and pouring out spiritual gifts and souls were added into the kingdom of God while others were water baptized during this special period. In Morocco, they received many testimonies of God’s intervention in the lives of the believers because of these Ten Days. One member had been sacked from his workplace and testified that after praying during the 10 days, the decision was reversed and his boss had to apologize. Just to show the awesome power of this prayer time.
The International Pastors Deeper Life Leadership Conference was also in the month of January and was attended by more than 37 countries with many delegates in person in Harare, Zimbabwe and some internationals on Zoom. This saw the increase of hybrid meetings in our ministry as a response to the ‘new normal’ wrought on by the Covid pandemic. Speakers were powerfully anointed and spoke with much grace. Our Father, the Apostle and Servant of God, Archbishop Professor Ezekiel H. Guti spoke about a Good Heart and True Discipleship which set the platform for messages to be delivered for the rest of the year. His teachings birthed the theme which was carried at many conferences and other gatherings - “Moulding a True Disciple with a Good Heart”. It did not matter whether the nation was in Africa or the Americas, whether it was the Go Quickly ministry or the Child Evangelism one, whether it was a physical gathering or online one: the encouragement was to have a Good Heart and be a True Disciple.
The advent of the hybrid model of meeting enabled our members in Saudi Arabia to also join and participate in church services which under normal circumstances may have been a challenge, indeed all things work together for good! The female Pastors held powerful prayer retreats and so did the male Pastors as a first, in the United Kingdom, Botswana, and Zambia just to name a few throughout February and March. In these months the Archbishop’s Provincial Big Sundays kicked off in all the provinces where the church is, in Zimbabwe. These colorful Sundays were not just attended by church members but even by dignitaries such as Councillors, Mayors, Chiefs, and Members of Parliament of the various areas. Notable were performances by the Kingdom Music and Dance groups (KMD) and choral presentations from the various districts. The attendance in all the provinces was overwhelming with Waterfalls Province reaching over 7000 people coming together for the Big Sunday. This vision from our Father is much reminiscent of that historic Big Sunday held at the National Sports Stadium where multitudes traveled from all over Zimbabwe to come but now we are talking about just a single province reaching such numbers. The God of our Father is faithful.
We also saw answers to our prayers through the registration of FIFMI Malaysia, the opening of another assembly in Pakistan and the keynote launch of the Covenant Kingdom Talents worldwide. Deeper Life Leadership conferences continued in nations like Mozambique, Zambia and May 2022 was South Africa’s year of divine remembrance as God finally allowed His Servant, Apostle Ezekiel Guti to leave Chitungwiza (Zimbabwe) where he had been stationed throughout 2021 and the first quarter of 2022, to go to South Africa. Favor located their nation through the visitation of our Father and our Mother, Apostle Dr. Eunor Guti. May also being our Birthday month, it was double the celebrations as we wished our Father a Happy Birthday as well as a Happy 62nd anniversary to ZAOGA FIFMI and this year unlike the past two years people were actually able to go on the streets and march in jubilation as Covid restrictions were eased in many places.
Many miracles, signs and wonders were constantly taking place in the background at the Bindura Cathedral and Ezekiel Guti Healing Deliverance and Prayer Mountain, and through
ZAOGA on Campus (ZOC) Gospel outreaches and crusades held by different teams all over Zimbabwe and beyond. June was yet another time of fasting and seeking the face of God. With prayer conventions being held throughout the month, it was truly a set-apart time in the presence of God. We followed the pattern that God gave His Servant of praying in separate groups, that is men on their own and women on their own, and combined only on the last day.
The same month favor located the USA when our Father and our Mother arrived in the USA after much prayer, to officiate at the opening and dedication of the new Ezekiel Guti Convention Center in Arlington, Texas. Noteworthy is that this is the same place, Texas, where God made the Covenant of Talents with Ezekiel Guti when he was a young preacher who had just finished Bible school, with the church still in its infancy and leading poor people he needed to go back home to Zimbabwe with money but God said to him, “I will be your money”. In 2022, 50 years later he returns to that same place to dedicate a state-of-the-art center purchased solely through working the very Talents God told him to go back to poor Africa and teach. Let us celebrate and glorify this faithful God of Ezekiel.
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This week:
  1. Thanking God for the Servant and Apostles of God, Prof Ezekiel H. & Dr. Eunor Guti for giving them strength and wisdom throughout the year. May God allow them some time to rest. Thanking God for the continued success of the mission in Chitungwiza.
  2. Thanking God for the NEC Apostle Dr. Joe Guti, the SG Apostle Mishael Nyambo, and the DSG Apostle Dr. Steve Simukai that God gives them wisdom as they carry out their assignments.
  3. Thanking God for the Covenant Kingdom Talents and the transition into Home Talents.
  4. Thanking God for the Short Term missionaries Overseers Prosper and Tekna Mutumbwa who have been sent to Hungary to start FIF in that country. Pray for the registration of the church there and a venue. Wisdom to the missionaries so that they move as per vision and fruits to be seen. Pray that God brings along people who will help establish FIF in Hungary.
  5. Thanking God that FIFMI Rwanda has been registered. Hallelujah! He is indeed a faithful God.
  6. Thanking God for the long-term and short-term missionaries that God grants them success on their mission. Thanking God for the growth of all FIFMI churches and those who need buildings/meeting places to be able to find them in good places with favorable prices. Thanking God for the registration process of FIFMI Thailand, Egypt and Morocco.
  7. Thanking God for your nation.
Christmas has a spirit - you want to travel nowhere for no reason. You have issues at home and people fight in the family because of Christmas. Don’t come back with broken limbs. Christians should not be controlled by Christmas. There’s a spirit of Christmas that causes people to steal, do bad and then lose jobs. Just stay home and enjoy Christmas. Don’t get caught up in credits just for 2 days. May God make you content that Jesus is your Christmas. God bless you.
We love you and are praying for you,
Apostle Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai
ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.
+263 777 282 356, +263 777 282 092

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