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Mbuya Dorcas Health Center


ZAOGA Forward in Faith Ministries International has finished one of its great community helping projects called “Mbuya Docus Health Centre”. This is a fully fledged, fully equipped world class hospital. This great achievement was funded fully by ministry members through the working of Talents and giving to the kingdom of God. The hospital has a commercial pharmacy called Balm Pharmacy which has already opened and is already serving the community, with excellence and the love of Christ to the Glory of our heavenly Father.

Besides the pharmacy the hospital has many wards and houses for effective services. Just to note a few, the health centre has an Administration block, which will house all the management and accounting for the hospital. The Casualty Department is the first section of the Hospital that has a beautiful appearance and many world class standards and equipment. This section of the health centre is scheduled to open first then the children’s ward will follow. The hospital also has the main ward, which will host the private wards, male and female wards.

MDHC is a Christian hospital and it puts Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit first, as it is by his strips we are healed. Having said this there is also a nun-medical section of the hospital that deals with praying for the sick in body and soul. In many cases in the medical industry, doctors meet medical cases that cannot be explained by scientific means and at MDHC the doctors just need to refer the patients to the nun-medical section of the hospital where the Lord will directly touch and heal the sick through his servants who will be present to be use of him.

There are many staff houses and doctor’s accommodation at the hospital allowing the centre to run 24 hour a day 7 days a week. Headed by Matron Mrs. T. Joseph, employing highly qualified stuff ready to serve people and the Lord through the great project that the Lord put on this servant Apostle Dr.Ezekiel. H. Guti.

Mbuya Docus Health Centre's official open is scheduled for the 9th of June 2016.



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