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Morning devotion with Rev Rupapa 14 Nov 2011

Morning devotion at the international headquarters in waterfalls Harare was inspirational as the secretary general (Rev Rupapa) encouraged all those who worked the ZEGU Talents. He pointed out that if anyone wanted to rest and forget about working hard, it would be a very unprofitable rest. Instead everyone should now direct all their hard work and experience they received from working the ZEGU Talents towards Home Talents and develop themselves more.

He emphasised that people should not sit back and expect things to come together themselves but use the same methods and strategies they used to work for God to improve their livelihood. Even those who didn’t manage to work the ZEGU talents where motivated to become serious with the home talents and give glory to God through them.


thank you baba

baba thank you for encouraging us we love you


We receive Baba! Elder Joe, NZ

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