Founded by Apostle Dr. Ezekiel H. Guti: Over 60 Years and Moving On

Remembering Jubilee - Part 2

Mama Guti during the good news deliverance explo on Saturday of the Jubilee confernce

Praise and worship team members running around the trackFollowing the launch of the Jubilee Celebrations in Bindura, Zimbabwe, the birthplace of ZAOGA FIFMI, on the morning of Friday August 20, 2010, the events moved to Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe, at the national sports stadium. The conference was attended by over 60,000 people throughout the weekend, with the Sunday service being packed to capacity. The Friday evening service was an exciting time, where the word of God was shared by Pastor Henry Madava from Victory Church in Ukraine.

On Saturday Apostle Dr. EH Guti shared the Jubilee message, in which he said “We're starting another 50 years together.” This was a prophetic word and a deceleration that ZAOGA FIFMI is here to stay, and to win many more souls. Dr. Guti encouraged members to rejoice, as this was their time to celebrate the works that Jesus Christ had done through the ministry.

Today is your day of being happy and rejoicing. We are in this wonderful day, not only that but we're starting another 50 years together. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord. Rejoice...!”

In explaining the secret that has kept the ministry alive for 50 years, Dr. Guti said:

Apostle Dr. EH Guti, speaking during the saturday afternoon service of the Jubilee celebrationsThe secret is fearing God, respecting people, and loving people. Fearing God, that's the secret that has caused us to keep this anointing until today.”

He also said,

I'm not one who wants to be seen by people or try to attract people for myself because I'm just a servant of the Lord. Therefore I want you to know, (that) in my life, I want to fear Him. That's the other thing that has helped me to be here with you. My life is not hidden. All these leaders they know my life in and out. My desire in fearing of the Lord is to do the will of God. What has taken us these 50 years to be here today is fearing of God. Not fearing people.”

Following this powerful message from Dr. Guti, the celebrations continued throughout the day with events including:

  • Music by Pastor David Mabvuramiti, accompanied by Fungisai Mashavave

  • Reports from the various ministries in ZAOGA FIFMI

  • Congratulatory speeches from special guests including Pastor Carlton Arthurs from Wheaton Christian Center in Chicago Illinois, USA and Pastor Bonnie Duschele from Celebration Church in Harare, Zimbabwe

  • Musical performances from popular Zimbabwean groups and organizations, including the Air Force brass band.

  • A spectacular fireworks display to end the night.

Saturday evening was a time of deliverance, through a powerful encounter with Jesus Christ, led by Apostle Dr. Eunor Guti and the Good News Deliverance Explo team.

As Apostle Eunor (Mama) stood up, she spoke a word of healing, and people seated in the crowd received their healing immediately. Preaching from Mark 6 vs 30-33, she spoke concerning “Disturbances” saying,

Even now among here, there are many people who have been disturbed in their lives. Sometimes you plan a journey or a party that you want to have, and as you are getting nearer to the party, maybe on the very day, something happens. Maybe a child gets very sick. In so much that you won't attend the party but (instead) attend to the sick child. What do we call that? Disturbances. Disturbances come when you are unprepared, and (they) change your plans.

As I'm speaking now, there are people here who are going through that. You are wondering, (and) you don't know what to do. All you are seeing is darkness because disturbances have come your way. Miscarriages have brought to you disturbances. I want to say to you...this is the end of the chapter, because there is a solution for those miscarriages. As you listen to the word, and raise your faith, deliverance will come your way.”

Deliverance certainly took place, as the altar call drew many people who were healed and delivered.

A young girl who was deaf and mute and had never heard or spoken was healed, and uttered the words “Baba” and “Jesu,” as Mama asked her to repeat what she heard. The girl's sister who came with her testified saying:

A woman testifies after receiving her healing(Translated from Shona) “When we were standing there, she started saying my ears are hearing... She only used to hear with one ear but now she can hear with both. She only used to speak saying “da, da, da,” but now she's actually speaking.”

Another one of the many miracles was a woman who had migraine headaches for 22 years. “...I was suffering from migraine headaches since 1989.... I had a specialist who referred me to a scan but they found nothing. But when mama was preaching, I was writing some notes, and I (drew) a star (next to) where she said “there are some who have gone through disturbances...and diseases.” The woman went on to testify that when Mama preached saying “the spirit of migraine headaches I command you to go,” and it was at that time that she was healed.

A woman who had tonsillitis since 1988 heard the word as Mama was speaking, and said she felt something like water going down her throat and was immediately healed.

A young boy who was suffering from throat and ear pains was also healed.

A woman who had growths in both of her breasts was healed as Mama Guti commanded everyone with sicknesses to touch where they were suffering. She obeyed and received her healing.

Elizabeth had swellings all over her body When she heard the word she received her healing and is now free.

There were many more miracles which took place, and even as Mama was closing and calling people to come and receive the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior, others who were suffering from demonic possessions had to be brought aside and ministered to throughout the rest of the evening. The evening closed with celebrations, fireworks, and joyful music. A large crowd of people ran around the stadium tracks, some jogging to the music, others sprinting, while others hopped and jumped to the beat played by the Jubilee musicians. People danced, praising God for fulfilling His promises, and even outside the arena, in the massive lines of traffic exiting the stadium, the sounds of vuvuzelas were heard throughout Harare. As crowds headed home to prepare for the final day of the Jubilee celebrations, thousands camped out in the stadium, sleeping in the hallways, offices, and even outdoors, just to be apart of the once in a lifetime event which would continue just hours later, with the dawn of Sunday morning.

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