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A Wise Man

A Wise Man - The long awaited book has finally come

After many years since the publishing of “Wise Woman” by Apostle Dr. Eunor Guti, the cry of every woman has been heard, with the release of “A Wise Man” by Apostle Dr. EH Guti.

 Apostle Dr. EH Guti writes:

 “I specially dedicate this book to the ladies of ZAOGA Forward in Faith who for years have been crying for their husbands to be taught lessons on being a father, husband. They have been saying, “we women are in grade seven and our husbands are in grade zero.” Here is the book for your husbands. Be happy as they are no more going to remain in grade zero.

[This books is dedicated...] To all the men who are married and wish to enjoy their marriage and their children, who seek to be a blessing and to be appreciate in the home. To my son Ezekiel who is working hard to be a good husband and father.”

The book contains over a hundred pages of lessons for a man in today's world, This book is a must-have for every man who wishes to elevate to the next level in his family, his spiritual life, and his manhood as a whole.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Wise Man and His Home

  1. Creating a welcoming home

  2. Wise man and his family

  3. Wise man and his sons

  4. Wise man and his daughters

  5. Wise man and his God

  6. Wise man and his Bible

  7. Wise man and his prayer

  8. Wise man and his time

  9. Wise man and his friends

  10. Wise man and his money

  11. Wise man and his integrity

Chapter 2: Restoring the Manhood

  1. Wise man and his sexuality

Chapter 3: Masturbation

  1. Definition

  2. Why do people masturbate

  3. Is it wrong for a Christian to masturbate

Chapter 4: How to be a real man

  1. Characteristics of a real man

Chapter 5: Other duties of a husband

  1. The head

  2. Looks after your parents

  3. Holy wedlock or unholy wedlock

Chapter 6: Expectations by the Wife in Marriage

Chapter 7: Different Characteristics of a Man

  1. Emotional differences

  2. Physical differences

  3. Sexual differences

  4. How to meet her needs

  5. Some hints on romance

Chapter 8: Other things a Wise Man Should Remember

  1. Remembering birthdays

  2. Remembering mother's day

  3. Remembering anniversary

  4. Wise man with post-natal period

  5. Conclusion



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