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A Wise Woman's Responsibility - Today's Woman Series

A Wise Woman's Responsibility. Pastor Fiona Arthurs

The following is from a series of summaries to messages which were preached at the Today's Woman Conference.  

Speaker:  Pastor Fiona Arthurs

Title: A Woman's Responsibility

Text: Proverbs 14:1

A wise woman builds her house but a foolish woman tears it down with her hands”

  • A wise woman is the one who is responsible for building the house. If the building is not in order, its the woman's problem.

  • Have you ever noticed that in a home, when mommy is not happy, no one can be happy? The children and the husband, the maid, and the dog, everyone is affected.

  • God has given us the tools for us to build our homes.

  • If I am the one responsible for building the house, that means when things are not in order, the responsibility falls on me as the wife. We as women are quick to blame the man. Although this is a hard saying, if things are not in order, we must look at ourselves.

  • The Bible says the foolish woman tears it down with her hands.

  • Many times we have believed that the husband is responsible for the state of our home. However the Word is saying here it is the responsibility of the woman.

  • Your husband is God's gift to you. There are many women who believe they may have married the wrong man; however, your husband is the perfect size for you. He is the perfect gift for you. It is you as the wife who must work and put him together, and build him up.

  • With marriage, there are no returns, all sales are final. Go home and work on it until you enjoy it. Enjoy your gift.

  • Spending time in prayer allows God to reveal secrets to you about your husband. God can reveal to you oncoming danger where you can then intensify in prayer.

  • We have higher expectations for our husbands that we do for ourselves. Many times we delay in doing things for them, but they are patient, yet the same is not true for when they delay for our requests and needs.

  • For Pastor's wives.... It is very very important that you work very closely with your husband. You are to be your husband's helper...his secretary... You are there to help him and to look out for things that he does not see.

  • We must not nag our husbands. “Why hasn't this been done?” “When are you going to get to this?” Nagging will push him away.

  • As a woman, you must make you home into a haven for your husband. He comes home from work and is tired, frustrated, and just needs peace. When he comes home, he should not find it another place of problems. It should be his safe haven, and it is the wife's responsibility to make the home that place. Beware lest another woman's home become his safe haven.

  • A foolish woman tears the house down by not making time for play. There must be time where you and your husband don't talk business, work, kids, etc... just play. Even the work of God can interfere with you marriage. You must just have time for you and him

  • Facebook can tear down a home. Social media is destroying a lot of homes. Women who go online and look-up old boyfriends....starting conversations, etc.... You do not need to be having conversations with another man.

  • A wise woman should have access to her husband's facebook account, email, voicemail. There should be no secrets in the home. Don't say “I trust him”... be wise.

  • Men are very simple. They need: Respect, Appreciation, and Acceptance. Ephesians 5:22. We need to respect our husbands. Respect is like air to a man. Its a necessity.

  • A foolish woman ignores her husband's needs.

  • Write down 3 things that you know that your husband has been asking you to do but you ignored him. This is your assignment. And make an effort to fulfill those 3 things.

  • A foolish woman always has excuses.... she has a headache, backache...etc.... However sex is the very reason we married. When we said “I do” we were saying “I do” to his desire for sex. A foolish woman continues to make excuses.

  • Some of our homes are in danger, but God can have mercy on us if we surrender to Him and say “God help me not be a foolish woman.” We must not follow the ways of this world which says we don't need to listen to our husbands are we are independent. We must follow the word of God.



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